25 Days of Healthi Holidays

Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021 | Lifestyle

25 days of Healthi holidays
Hi friends! Happy Holidays!

We love the holidays, here at Healthi! The sweet traditions, the festive parties, the yummy food- it’s all so exciting. We just love the idea of change in pace. A change up from the typical day to day that we all get so used to. It’s fun to have your house look and smell differently. Or adding in unique foods to your nightly dinner routine- it’s a fresh breath of life. In an effort to both simplify and celebrate the holiday season, we thought it would be fun to host a little soiree that we’re calling “25 Days of Healthi Holidays”.

We’re so excited to bring you 25 Days of Healthi Holidays! For the next twenty five days, you can expect daily inspiration and assistance to make this your most merry season yet! Everyday from now until Christmas, we’ll be sharing holiday recipes, gift ideas and even some tips from our beloved Healthi Coaches for staying on track this December!

Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the challenges that the holidays can pose for those of us on a weight loss journey. This is our pledge to do anything that we can to make the holiday season just as joyful and festive for all of our members. We want you to think of this as a virtual advent calendar that both entertains and informs your holiday season. We’ll coach you through the emotional toll of those tough tempting days. Then we’ll help you prep a unique and nourishing dish for that ornament exchange you’re going to. We’ll even help you come up with a meaningful gift for that brother-in-law that you just can’t seem to crack!

This virtual holiday event will take place mainly on our social media channels. You can get the most help out of our Healthi Instagram account, linked HERE. We’ll also be posting everything on our Healthi official Facebook page, linked HERE. Of course, we’ll also be active in our Healthi Community in the app! If you’re not signed up for Healthi PRO already, you’re going to want to do that ASAP as it’s your key into the absolute best support system you’ll ever find in the health and wellness world.

Be on the lookout for all of our fun posts in the next few weeks. We wish all of you the happiest and healthiest of holidays!!