3 Ways to Reward Yourself Without Food

Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

We all know the drill – Your kiddo does something great, let’s celebrate with ice cream! You got through your presentation at work and everyone is raving about it – Let’s go grab dinner and drinks! Where there is a celebration, there is typically food.

The trouble with using food as a reward is that we don’t choose foods that make a positive impact on our bodies. We’re not reaching for leafy green veggies when we’re excited about accomplishing something great, we’re reaching for sugary, fatty foods instead, which don’t typically leave us feeling great.

So, how do you reward yourself without food when you’ve accomplished your daily/weekly/monthly goal? There are so many ways, yet these 3 simple actions will be oh so rewarding 🙂

1. Reward yourself with new workout gear!

When you feel good about your workout gear, you’re going to feel more motivated to keep up your routine. You’re going to feel great about yourself and what you’re doing for your body! So, go buy that swank water bottle that keeps your ice frozen for 18 hours. Go pick up that cute outfit you saw in the fitness section last time you were at the store. You deserve it!

2. Pay yourself!

You reach the end of the day, open your Healthi app and note that you’ve stayed within your Bites for the day! Good job! Add a dollar or two into a jar. Meanwhile, start keeping a list of items you want to buy. Once you’ve saved enough to buy something on the list, take your money jar and go buy it!

3. Schedule some alone time!

Between the demanding schedule of family, work, friends, and school, what is more decadent than stealing a few blissful moments completely alone? Next time you accomplish a goal, schedule some alone time. Take a walk and do some deep breathing, go get a massage, whatever strikes your fancy. Doing this will help keep you refreshed as you work toward your next goal!

See? There are endless ways to reward yourself without ever stepping foot into a restaurant or the bakery section of the grocery store. Get creative with your rewards and you’ll be crushing your goals in no time!