5 Healthi Habits for Weight Loss Success

Wednesday, Aug 3, 2022 | App Help, Coaches, Featured

Hi, Coach Jeri Here!
Incorporating changes into our personal routine is hard. We are creatures of habit, we tend to do what’s easy, comfortable, and familiar. This is the reason that your “WHY” is so critical. It gives you that foundational strength. With this motivator in place, let’s start by understanding why we should incorporate healthi habits.

Here are 5 good answers to typical “why’s”

1. Why should I exercise?

Well you don’t have to exercise to lose weight, but it does help. Exercise in any form will burn calories. It is okay if you are not a gym rat and don’t want to join a gym. Taking small steps towards moving more can yield big improvements. Park the car further away from your destination. Use the bathroom on the second floor. Find a friend to walk with. Start a fun activity you enjoy. With a little exercise you may find you gain more energy and feel better mentally.

2. Why do I have to weigh myself?

It helps to know where you started and how far you have come. Remember that this is a journey, and the weigh-in is a small pitstop. The number is just a number, like blood pressure and cholesterol. It is information. If it goes up, ask why. If it goes down, smile, then ask why. Each weigh-in or pitstop is an opportunity to reflect and then think about the path to your next destination.

3. Why do I have to read Nutrition Labels?

Information leads to smart decisions. Most of the information on nutritional labels are based on serving size. A small bag of chips can be three servings. If we see the calorie count is 100 calories per serving, that small bag is 300 calories. Knowing this information can help us make a smart decision. Anytime a food looks too good to be true, check the nutrition label. Foods that sound healthy may not be. You owe it to yourself to know what you put into your body.

4. Why do I have to track, weigh, and measure?

Quite simply, it’s the actual record of what you are doing. If you weigh 4 ounces of chicken, you know how many calories and BITES it is. In the beginning of a weight loss journey, we are usually quite diligent about this. After a time, we become lax. It is easy to think because you eat something all the time you automatically know its value. One smart trick is to constantly add variation to our foods. This can keep you on track and not let boredom set in. I have been doing this for 17 years and I still weigh and measure. It makes me feel better knowing the correct amounts.

5.Why cant I just eat what I want?

Well you can, if you track it and measure it. But be aware of danger foods. Can you have one pretzel? A half cup of ice cream? It is so important to recognize what foods call your name and you have trouble with. I also learned that some foods are worth having and some are not. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I know I will have stuffing and apple pie, but I will pass on potatoes, and the other deserts. Thanksgiving is once a year and I look forward to it. I am also religious about sending ALL the leftovers home with the guests ? Deprivation can easily lead to feeling sorry for yourself, and negative thinking leads us down the wrong path. Plan out your treats, and track them. Studies have shown that tracking, even when you go over, lessens the guilt. It also makes it easier to get back on track.

Little steps and knowledge are the best tools to help us towards long term success. Just remember as you get lighter your day will get brighter!!!!