5 Tips For Making Back To School A Breeze

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023 | Activity, Lifestyle

Back-to-school season shakes up our routines, making it the perfect time to revamp and boost efficiency! Since everything’s changing, why not slip in a few more habits to keep you on point?

1.) Master Breakfast Prep
Busy mornings? No problem! Instead of skipping breakfast or opting for something quick and unhealthy, spend your Sunday prepping grab-and-go meals. Think breakfast sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, or even homemade waffles. Ready, set, breakfast!

2.) Tackle Tomorrow Tonight
Forget the morning rush and last-minute scrambles. Every night, spend a few minutes setting up for the next day. Fill those water bottles, pack lunches, and prep those bags. Morning you will thank evening you.

3.) Get Ahead with Pretracking
Some swear by it, others not so much, but give it a shot! Every night, pop open your healthi app and plan tomorrow’s meals. It’s like having a food roadmap for the day. Adjust on-the-go if needed, but at least you’ve got a plan.

4.) Embrace Meal Planning
Save money and ditch the “What’s for dinner?” stress. My trick? Plan a variety of meals, prep the ingredients (like chopping veggies), and freeze some. This way, you get both preparation and flexibility. I usually map out a month’s worth of meals.

5.) Double Up Your Cooking
Love a dish? Make it twice! Whenever you cook something freezable and delicious (like soups or casseroles), double the recipe. Eat half now and freeze the rest. Voilà, a ready meal for a lazy evening.

Try out these tips and watch your back-to-school routine transform into a well-oiled machine!