7 Benefits of Tracking & How to Start

Friday, Mar 13, 2020 | Featured, Uncategorized

– by Healthi Coach Brianna Newton

Tracking your food sometimes comes with a stigma. Some may view it as too time consuming, too strict, or even ineffective. However, what I want to assure you is that 1/ if you are on the right weight loss plan, and 2/ you track your food. Then, you will lose the weight.

This critical item is the key to success, that it’s often helpful to step back and remind ourselves why tracking is so effective …

7 Benefits of Tracking Your Food

  1. It keeps you accountable, even if it’s only to yourself.
  2. It makes you aware of what you’re eating.
  3. You can start to recognize your patterns and plan accordingly.
  4. You can see what in your diet needs to change at a quick glance.
  5. It teaches you how to analyze the benefits of food, even on-the-go.
  6. Whether you’re tracking calories or points, you learn how much you need to be eating to keep your metabolism pumping.
  7. It helps you form a healthy relationship with food through education and flexibility.

Are you ready to jump in and start tracking? Congrats! Your future self with thank your now self 🙂 Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some guidance and motivation!

❤️Coach Brianna