7 Day Tracking Challenge

Thursday, Aug 4, 2022 | Featured, Lifestyle

Hello Healthi Family!

With Summer fast approaching, we can sometimes find ourselves needing to get “Back to Basics” in our tracking. Guess what?! This is totally normal and you shouldn’t feel like this is only happening to you!

Starting Monday June 6th and until Sunday June 12th Healthi will be hosting a “7 Day Tracking Challenge” to get us all back on track so we can hit our summer goals!

Each day for a week, we will be showcasing a different feature of Healthi right in the Community Section of our App. Kind of think of this as you totally starting over and becoming a newbie!

Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages for a Daily Challenge Tracker that you can post in your Instagram Stories daily to keep you accountable!

Here’s to getting back on track!