A Closer Look at Coffee Add-ins

Friday, Aug 13, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle

Hi all! Happy Friday! 

With a simple Google search, you’ll find the astounding fact that about 64% of American adults consume coffee every single day. Furthermore, we drink an estimated 146 BILLION cups of coffee per year! That’s a lot of java! In terms of health and wellness, the drink itself isn’t going to derail your progress. As most people know, the problem lies within the add-ins. We’ve created an entire industry around adding crazy things into coffee! There are classic milks and creams, syrups, plant based milks, protein shakes and every flavor of imitation creamer that you could possibly imagine! We conducted a quick experiment to take a closer look at the caloric make-up of some of the most popular coffee add-ins!

First off, if you’d like to see that video version of this, simply click HERE

We grabbed these four common coffee add-ins and scanned them into the Healthi app. The goal of this exercise was simply to compare, between these options, the volume of liquid when measuring out 100 calories of each product. 

The products: 

  • Fat Free Milk 
  • Almond Milk 
  • Plant Based Coconut Creamer
  • French Vanilla Coffee Creamer


The final consensus was that the Almond Milk option was the best “bang for your BITE”. That, of course, wasn’t too surprising. If you really want to be shocked, we recommend THIS article from Fitbod.com. We found this exercise to be really insightful and informative. If you’re a part of the 64% of the American coffee drinking population, we would recommend thinking twice about what you drop in your joe! What do you put in your coffee? Comment below!