A Day of Free Recipes: 7 Ingredients or Less

Saturday, Apr 3, 2021 | App Help, Lifestyle

Hi friends! You made it to the weekend!

Just as we’ve shared for the last month or so, today we’re giving you free access to an Healthi Meal Plan! As most of you know, this is a PRO only feature. Meaning that if you have the free version of our app, you’re probably not experiencing all that the Meal Plans have to offer. We like to do this in an effort to encourage your upgrade, as well as a way to share the love. Today, you’ll see four recipes (all for one day) from our 7 Day 7 Ingredient or Less Meal Plan.

If you’re new here you might want to start way back at the beginning! HERE is a post about the Meal Plan feature on our app. As well as THIS post about our most recent update to the feature. If you want more recipes, you can click HERE, HERE (mediterranean meals), or HERE (low sugar meals).

Omelet Muffins

Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad

Marinated Steak + Chimichurri

Cheesy Sweet Peppers

Hopefully you’ll give one of these a shot. Or maybe even the whole day’s worth! Who knows, you might have just stumbled upon a new crowd favorite for your family!

Happy Tracking!