A Free Look into Healthi Meal Plans (Part II!)

Friday, Mar 19, 2021 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi all! Happy Friday!!

We hope the hope and promise of joy this Friday morning has overtaken the sleepiness that most of us feel from the dreaded Daylight Savings Time. As we embark upon the beginning of Spring (tomorrow!!!) we have a very special treat for you today! Last week’s 7-Day Healthi Favorites Meal Plan preview was an absolute hit! Today, we’re running it back with four more free recipes from our beloved meal plan feature! This time, however, they’re all from the coveted Mediterranean plan!

From our Second Meal Plan Release Blog Post:

The Mediterranean region is known for its turquoise waters, beautiful topography and agreeable climate. Although we can’t promise to the water, islands, or climate, we can deliver recipes reminiscent of this region with this meal plan! Mediterranean food is not only delicious but typically healthy as well. 

Greek Yogurt Biscuits

Pasta Primavera

Tilapia with Italian Herbs

Mixed Olives with Harissa and Preserved Lemons

We hope that one (or all) of these recipes finds its way to your kitchen someday soon! Don’t forget that there are, quite literally, tons of other recipes and plans on the PRO version of the app! You can save these recipes instantly to your phone or computer through a screenshot or a right click. Or, you can follow us on Pinterest and Instagram to save them there! 🙂

Happy Tracking!