Let’s Talk Air Fryers

Monday, Mar 15, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! And happy Monday!

It’s no secret that one of the latest phenomenon’s in the cooking world is that of the air fryer. Because so many of you are air-fryer fans, perhaps even super fans, we thought it would be helpful to open up a conversation about them!

For those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about, the basic definition of an air fryer a portable/ plug-in roaster/ broiler. They’re maybe even fool proof. Most of the new appliances are very digital. Meaning, you choose a setting, set a time, and boom! You’re “frying”. Speaking of, we’ve almost forgotten the best part: the act of air frying doesn’t actually diminish any of the food’s natural nutrients. We’re not saying it’s “good” for you- but there are A LOT of things that are far worse!

Of course, we’re not claiming to be experts. But again, we just wanted to open up a conversation about this fun new gadget. We asked our Brand Ambassadors and Instagram community about their favorite air-fried goodies. Here’s what they said:

Anything frozen- say goodbye to the microwave!

We’ve heard that opting to through your frozen French fries, chicken strips, breakfast sandwiches, etc. into the air fryer is a game changer! Once you start, it’ll be hard to ever use the microwave or convectional over again! Typically, microwaving a frozen goodie can diminish any nutrients that it once processed. In addition to the lack of a thorough cook, it can leave your food unpredictably soggy. Of course, the time and effort of heating up the conventional oven can leave us disappointed when the frozen foods come out dry and tasteless. Enter: air fryer!

All the Veggies!

A lot of like vegetables in doses, cooked really specifically, annnnd dipped in a sauce. Not that any of those preferences are a bad thing! Sometimes it just gets to be a lot. There’s a lot of clean up, chopping, and who’s to say that the family will even eat the vegetables after all of that? Air fryers might not promise a veggie-satisfied toddler, but the clean-up and the taste are two factors you won’t have stress over!

Don’t Forget the Meats!

Another crowd favorite for the air fryer, is any main course protein or meat! Most people voted chicken to be their favorite. Even taking form of crispy yummy buffalo wings! While others opt have even tried, and loved, steak and roasted turkey breast!

All in all, new kitchen gadgets are fun. Anything you can do to spark a little joy in your day-to-day healthy living routine is a plus. Most importantly, we want to know what YOU like to air fry! Leave a comment below with your newfound favorites!!

Happy Tracking!