Answering Healthi Shop FAQ’s

Saturday, Feb 19, 2022 | Featured, Lifestyle

Shop FAQ

Hi all! Happy Saturday!

It’s now been two weeks since we launched the Healthi Shop! It’s been so fun to see everyone’s excitement, support, and even the questions that you’ve asked! While we’re still figuring out how to best serve you all of the fun shop information, we thought it would be fun to answer the three most asked questions regarding the Healthi Shop!

Which product should I buy first?

To answer this question, we pose you with another one! How familiar are you with Healthi? If you’re brand new to our app and the concept of food tracking then we absolutely recommend you buy our Getting Started Box. The purpose of this kit is to truly help you from the ground up, in your weight loss journey. We know that actually digging in, and tactically beginning a weight loss endeavor is a HUGE undertaking. There are daily changes, choices, sacrifices, and challenges involved. We wanted to take that idea and make it just ever so slightly more simplified. By providing the basic tools that we know you’ll need for a weight loss cut, we know that getting started has never been easier!

Shop the Getting Started Box!

Why did you open the Healthi Shop?

When we started the 2021 calendar year, like most companies, we set goals for growth in both our current identity and new projects that we dreamed about starting. We would be totally and completely remiss if we failed to acknowledge how unique and pivotal the strength and brand loyalty that our Healthi (then Healthi) community is! We were looking for an avenue of business that advanced us as a company and a brand, all the while producing value and appreciation for our beloved community. Boom! Branded Products!

Read more about the “why” behind the Healthi Shop here!

What products are next??

We have a really fun roster of products set to launch this season. We’re dying for you to see them! However, we also want YOU to weigh into the debate! What should we sell? Use the comment section below to drop us your Healthi Shop ideas!!

We’re so excited to bring you into the Healthi Shop! It’s been a long time coming, and we’re grateful for your patience and support. We hope that you shop, review, enjoy and share all of the fun things that we continue to crank out for you!

Stay Healthi!