Apply to be an Healthi Ambassador!

Monday, Oct 5, 2020 | Featured

Hi friends! 

This has been a much anticipated post, that we are so happy to finally release to you. Today, we’re opening the new application to be an Healthi Ambassador. In the past we’ve had a few members from the Healthi community, that know and love our app, be the forefront of our social media presence. Little did we know, there were actually many of you!

The basic idea is that we want to form a team of Healthi ambassadors who regularly use the app, engage in our social media, and have curated an online influence with relevance to their health and wellness journey. Because the world of food and activity tracking is so wide-spread we are now offering ambassador positions across all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Personal Blog, Pinterest, Youtube, and TikTok). 

Still interested? Great! We do have a few requirements, below, that will ideally guide this program to success in spreading brand awareness and growth for both you, the user, and us as a company. 

Healthi Ambassador Guidelines: 

  • We want you to LOVE Healthi!
    • There is nothing quite as powerful as word of mouth recommendations. Therefore, we want your passion about health, wellness, and food tracking to SHINE through on your social media and community presence. 
  • Let’s Spread the Word!
    • The dream is to have several Ambassadors for every social media platform. 
    • If you have a special niche, following, or community on a specific platform, let us know!
  • Content is king! 
    • The best way to rep your beloved Healthi App is through content. As a member of the iTB Ambassador Program, there will be weekly posting requirements including but not limited to: 
      • Instagram and Facebook posts and stories
      • Instagram and Facebook Live Events
      • Blog Posts
      • Youtube videos

Okay? Okay!

We’re so excited about your interest in this program. Here are the next few steps to get you started on the path to becoming an Healthi Ambassador: 

  1. Apply! Click here to be redirected to the ambassador application form. 
  2. Share! Know someone that would thrive in this position? Send them this link to apply! 
  3. Wait! Be prepared for a two week return period while we carefully comb through applications before making our decisions on this round of applications. 
  4. Come back! The dream is for this program to continually grow larger and larger with time. Don’t be afraid to apply again if for some reason it’s not a perfect fit this time. 

That’s it! No matter how you found this post, we’re glad you’re here. Have specific questions about the program itself? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll get back to you asap! 

Happy Tracking!