Being Intentional in a Weight Loss Journey

Friday, Jan 14, 2022 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

Being Intentional in a Weight Loss JourneyHi all! Coach Mindy here!

Anyone who has ever tried losing weight has discovered that motivation is a major player in being successful. Unfortunately, motivation fluctuates considerably over time. This lack of motivation is natural and happens to everyone. No one has ever been 100% motivated 100% of the time, EVER, in a MILLION years. The ability to stay motivated, or re-motivate yourself, is a highly desired skill. How many times have you said, “I just can’t seem to stay on track” or “I have zero motivation” “or “I do great all day until dinner”? Motivation is the golden ticket, it keeps you on plan, and it’s critical.

We already know we are going to struggle with motivation. Getting started, trying to get back on track, or any other particular time when you tend to face obstacles with motivation, such as celebrations or holidays, are common times we depend on our motivation to see us through. This is why I created the Intention Alarm Method. This strategy is one that I personally developed. Myself, as well as my clients, have utilized this method and have found it to be a very powerful tool.

The definition of intention is “a determination to act in a particular way”. The setting of an intention is essentially stating what you intend to achieve, like making a promise to yourself. Being intentional about something helps you focus on your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Setting an Intention Alarm just carries this promise one step further.

An Intention Alarm is a tool to keep your intention front and center. It is a reminder to stay focused on your goals.

Here’s how it works:

The Alarm.

The Intention Alarm is a series of alarms that go off in regulated intervals such as every hour, every 2 hrs, etc. You can customize the timing based upon your mindset and level of motivation. I have mine go off every hour when I’m REALLY struggling.

You can use the alarm on your phone, your smart watch,, a water hydration timer, or another interval timer such as the app BlipBlip. If noise is an issue, use a vibration notification.

The method:

Each time this Alarm goes off, you will take a few moments (30 – 60 seconds)to close your eyes and visualize these 3 things:

1. Your Why

2. Yourself at Your Goal Weight

3. An Affirmation

Think of your WHY and ALL THE REASONS you are working towards your health goals and trying to lose weight. Then visualize what it will look like when you meet that goal. Do you have a goal outfit? Visualize yourself in that outfit. Do you have an event you’re going to attend? Imagine yourself at that event at your goal weight. Are you working toward another health goal like a surgery or getting off some medications? Imagine yourself at your goal weight in those circumstances. Really customize this process to your very own WHY. Now, think of how you would FEEL in these scenarios. More energized? Empowered? Proud? Accomplished? Confident? The feeling you attach to these thoughts are crucial, as motivation is closely tied to emotion.

Then, set a positive affirmation. Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and conquer negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behavior. Your affirmation can be the same each time, or you can change it up. I AM WORTH IT. I AM CAPABLE. I CAN DO HARD THINGS. Use whatever words or phrases that speak to you.

If visualization is hard for you, have a script written out on a piece of paper representing these three ideas. You must really try to visualize as you read. With practice, it will become easier.

The Intention Alarm sets a safeguard in your mind for those times when you face obstacles or temptations and feel like giving up. It keeps your goals and your WHY in the forefront of your mind, so you will have the extra resolve you need to get you through those rough patches.

In summary, setting an Intention Alarm is an excellent way to stay committed to your goals. Commit to dedicating just a few minutes per hour, each day, and implementing the Intention Alarm method, as follows:

1. Alarm goes off

2. Take a few minutes to visualize your WHY

3. Visualize yourself at goal and HOW you imagine you would feel

4. State some positive affirmations.

5. Repeat each time your alarm goes off.

By following this procedure, you’re taking a proactive approach towards stable motivation and making yourself a priority to ensure success. And you DESERVE to be successful.