BETTER BALANCE Weight Loss Plan Explained

Friday, Aug 12, 2022 | App Help, Coaches

This write-up is prepared by Head Coach Lisa, to be a quick and easy guide to understanding the BETTER BALANCE weight loss plan.



Are you ready to bring your life, and eating, into balance? This plan focuses on helping you learn to control your eating through awareness and not as much weighing and measuring. 

This is a great choice for someone wanting to prioritize healthy eating and focus on fresh, whole food options. It encourages home cooked meals and helps you control snacking and eating out by charging more for those items.  You can absolutely still work them into this plan but BETTER BALANCE creates a PAUSE BUTTON by helping you consider and limit those foods to fit your Daily BITE allowance.

This program helps you to eat more mindfully, to learn to recognize when you’re full, to better understand the portion sizes you should be having and to break the patterns of mindless eating. The key here is to eat only until you are satisfied (not stuffed) and make healthier choices.

Followed as intended, this plan can be significantly helpful for:

  • Breaking the cycle of mindless binge eating
  • Controlling sugar, snacking and fast food cravings
  • Managing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Thyroid Issues, PCOS etc
  • Followed as intended, this plan can be significantly helpful for:



Each day you have a range of BITES to use. You have DAILY BITES calculated from your individual profile taking into account your age, gender, height, weight and activity levels. You also have access to a bank of WEEKLY BITES and can earn extra ACTIVITY BITES should you need them.

BETTER BALANCE leverages a list of over 200+ healthy food items that have been designated 0 BITE Items. Create your meals from these 0 BITE healthy food items without needing to weigh, measure or track. It is important to note, that whether a food is marked as 0 BITES or not – they are not zero calories. You do not need to track 0 BITE foods, but certainly can if you want to follow Calories or your Macros (Protein/Fat/Carbs). Tracking Secondary Metrics is one of the great PRO features available to members. 

To help you make better meal choices – lean protein and healthy produce choices have lower BITE VALUES, and sugary or fast foods have higher ones. Think of it as a “throttle”. You can still have those items, but they will just cost you more, giving you a chance to stop and consider if it is something you really want.

This plan’s calculations focus on:

  • Calories
  • Sat Fat
  • Sugar
  • Protein

With BETTER BALANCE, you have a moderate number of DAILY & WEEKLY BITES in comparison to other Healthi weight loss programs. The minimum range is 23 DAILY + generally 21 WEEKLY (although in a very small number of cases of very petite members it can go to 14). Both Daily and Weekly BITES decrease as you lose weight. 

ACTIVITY BITES are encouraged to be earned for fun, but not used on a regular basis in addition to WEEKLY BITES.

ZERO BITE FOODS, all foods, as shown on the list, are 0 BITES. While all foods still contain calories, these healthy choices do not need to be counted as long as they do not contain any ADDED SUGAR or OILS on the label. Use these as the base for your meals and then utilize your Daily BITES to round your meals out.

CARRY OVER BITES, this is the ability to save up to 4 of your unused Daily BITES and have them carry over into your Weekly BITES for use later. These reset at the beginning of each new week.



0 BITE FOOD CHOICES – While 0 in BITES, these foods are not 0 in calories. Serving sizes are not limited with these foods but you do need to learn what a reasonable portion is. Most of us can have trouble with “portion distortion”. Make healthy and fresh whole food options the basis for your meals, aiming to balance your plate with ½ meal being various non starchy, high fiber vegetables, ¼ meal being whole grains, starchy vegetables or other complex carbohydrates and ¼ meal being a lean protein.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – EAT ONLY UNTIL SATISFIED – In order to be the most successful on this plan, you need to slow down, tune in to your hunger signals and learn to recognize the difference between mouth hunger (Boy, that would taste good) vs actual physical hunger. 

This plan is based on you learning to eat with more awareness to both your portion sizes and the actual quality of your food choices. Choose less processed sugary items and opt for more fresh whole food options.

EAT RESPONSIBLY – You cannot eat 3 full meals of 0 BITE foods, then use all your Daily BITES for other items and have great results. If you are eating close to your daily recommended calories in just 0 BITE food meals, eating (or drinking) all your Daily BITES as well could potentially double your calorie consumption. This can lead to the scale moving in the wrong direction. Using calories as a Secondary Metric is a great way to keep an eye on this.



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