Calorie Command Q&A with Rachel

Friday, Dec 11, 2020 | Featured, Uncategorized

Hi all! Rachel here! As an Healthi Ambassador, I wanted to answer some FAQ’s about my weight loss plan in hopes if helping you make a decision for the best plan for you!

Currently I’m on Calorie Command, so we put a call out on Instagram for any and every question that people might have surrounding this plan! If you follow this link HERE you can watch as I talk about this plan and answer all of your questions. In addition, I’m sharing all of my answers in this blog post in case you prefer reading over watching!

A little bit of background knowledge is that the Calorie Command plan is food tracking in its most basic form. It’s literally just keeping tabs on the amount of Calories that you consume in a day with hopes of reaching a deficit between what the amount of calories that is recommended for you and what you actually intake.

Are there weeklies (extra Calories given per week)?

In short, no. Each day you have a set amount of Calories to try and get close to, and then of course that repeats all 7 days of the week. There are no splurge days or fasting days. The goal is consistency.

Can you describe the activity levels for this plan?

There are four different levels of daily activity with Calorie Command. Each of these can be interpreted as how you exercise, or what you do occupationally day to day. However, the best way to assess your own activity is to take both things into account.

  • Sedentary: very very low, if any activity (sitting for the majority of the day)
  • Light: mostly sedentary, with about 30 minutes a day dedicated to activity.
  • Moderate: mostly walking throughout the day, some vigorous activity.
  • Heavy: on your feet for the majority of the day. intense exercise for up  60 minutes almost everyday.
  • Extreme: very demanding and physical. intensely active for more than an hour every day of the week.

Do you eat your activity calories?

Personally, no. I used to. I caught myself too heavily relying on my activity cancelling out calories. It’s better for me to leave my activity calories untouched so that i can hold myself accountable in my eating habits. But I would recommend starting by eating/ tracking both types of calories.

Have you been on Calorie Command since you started?

No! I started with Carb Conscious. Obviously it’s heavily based on carb tracking. It runs on the BITE system, not the calorie system. This was a great place for me to start as it was similar to my previous weight loss program. For me, Calorie counting is much easier than BITE counting because it’s just one number/ metric. Rather than calculating multiple. A better checks and balances type system for me.

Do you always trust the food labels and/ or the Healthi labels?

I do pretty much always trust the food labels. Reading and understanding those labels are a big step in the start of your tracking journey. After getting familiar with nutritional facts and how they’re typically written/ labeled, I moved on to better understanding Healthi’ information. Sometimes I see inaccuracies, but the great thing about Healthi is how easy it is to make adjustments.

Do you weigh your food?

Yes! I have a very simple, generic food scale! I weigh in grams, ounces, fluid ounces, mili-grams! This is a huge step in figuring out what exactly it is that you’re feeding yourself. It’s a great way to get into the habit of keeping tabs on what you’re eating or even just cooking with. I weight everything! Even lettuce!

Would you recommend Calorie Command for new users?

I think it depends on where you’re coming from. If you’ve used the food tracking discipline before, I would not go straight to Calorie Command. You’re probably already used to these low value numbers, then a plan with BITES is probably more convenient for you. If you haven’t used any food tracker before, Calories are a great place to start! Calorie Command is so basic and simple that it’s the perfect way to get used to this process!

That’s it! It’s really THAT simple with Calorie Command. Track your food, and lose the weight! I hope this was of some sort of assistance or guidance if you’re new to Healthi or is perhaps you’re looking for a change. You can find me on Instagram @activerachelanne ! Again, click HERE for the link to this YouTube video! Feel free to leave any questions or comments down below for my next video (which is coming soon!).

Happy Tracking!