Carb Conscious Q&A with Jordan

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2020 | Featured, Uncategorized

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’ve been on my Healthi journey since December of 2018! Even with many ups and downs in my life, and whether I have had weight-loss and also weight-gain, one thing is for sure, that this plan works for you if you work the plan! I’m so excited to be able to answer a few questions I was asked about Carb Conscious, and I hope that this blog post will help you along your journey!

I am new to this. How did you decide the right amount of activity and BITES for the day?

Such a good question! First off, welcome to the Healthi family! The best thing about the Healthi app is that once you download it, it’s a pretty simple process to get everything started! I am mostly sedentary, and this is because I have always worked in an office setting, so that is what I chose to give me the amount of daily BITES. However be honest with yourself when you choose which activity level you are. This is going to help you stay in your caloric deficit daily to be able to achieve your weight-loss goals.

What made you decide that his plan was the best for you?

This plan has given me the tools to become very successful with weight-loss because NOTHING is off limits! Do you want ramen noodles for lunch? 10 bites BAM track it. Are your friends coming over later for cards, and bring some dessert? 6 bites a slice BAM track it. It truly is that simple friends! We all go through different times in our lives where weight-loss is easy, and as well as hard (HELLO, been there done that too many times) BUT if you work the plan, it will work for you!

Have you seen success on this plan?

I totally have! I have had 2 different times in my life that I have much success with this program. First time being in 2016 when I got down to goal, and the second time being in the fall of 2019 when I got close to goal! You may be asking yourself, now Jordan how did you get down to goal twice but still had weight gain? Well friends, to be honest, life happens, and when you aren’t in a good place to understand maintenance, it does get hard! I have asked several of my friends who are in maintenance and they agree, it’s easier to lose weight than it is to maintain it. However this time around, I am stronger than ever to get back to goal and maintain!

Does the app alert you when you meet your mark for the day?

Great question! Unfortunately it doesn’t alert you letting you know you are out of BITES for the day, because even though you might be out of daily bites, you still may have some weekly and activity bites that you could lose! The awesome thing though, is that the app logo does show you your BITES number that is left for the day. So when you go to your smartphone and see the app icon, you will know okay I only have 12 bites left for dinner, let’s make this work!

What are your favorite FILLING recipes?

I don’t have specific recipes that I follow, however I am obsessed with any recipe that involves chicken, and pork chops! These are both meats that are very simple to track as they are 1bite for 1ounce. Go ahead and add in some veggies, and a side like sweet potato fries, and I am satisfied! Also, use Instagram as your recipe inspo! Follow some of our ambassadors and they have tons of dinner ideas that they share! The app is also great for recipes!

How do I adjust the BITES and number of calories I need per day?

Personally for your daily number of BITES or calories, I would not recommend messing with it. It is given to you in a formula that is based on your Height, Weight, Sex, Age, and Activity Level. However if you do feel the need to do so, just head on over to the settings on the app, hit your Weight Loss Plan, and then at the bottom there is Daily Allowances. Toggle this switch to ON, which will then let you manually edit. 

How many daily and weekly BITES do you get? How did you decide on the amount for yourself?

I get 57 daily bites as well as 49 weekly bites. The best thing about the app is that it calculates your daily bites for you so there is no guessing! Once you start losing weight, the app recalculates your daily bites.

Do you get activity BITES?

Great question! I used to be an avid walk at home youtube member, where I would get 10k steps a day for my exercise goals! This in return would turn into activity bites. Some people say use them, some people say don’t. I say do whatever works for you. If you find that you can use them and still have a success weight-loss journey then use them. If you use them and are gaining then I would cut back. The best thing about this journey is that YOUR body is different from MINE!

Is this plan low carb and low fat? Or just low carb?

This plan allows you to have carbs, however the lower the carb intake, and higher the fiber the lower the BITES value will be. One thing to also know is that you can make any plan that ITB has can be a low carb or low fat plan. Once you get the pro subscription, you can turn macros as a secondary metric on, and manually adjust those numbers to make you see that say 50g of carbs is your limit for the day!

I struggle with drinking a lot of water. Will this stall my weight loss?

The answer to this is simple! Water is good for you, and is essential in your journey! However, I cannot tell you how your body works for you. Some people drink tons of water but still have a hard time losing weight, as some people drink small amounts of it and are successful. Also remember that water is what your body needs and desires to have, so make sure and stay hydrated my friends!

What about adding flavor to my water? Is that a bad thing?

Do you want my personal opinion? NO! Friends, if it takes you to put some MIO or crystal light in your water to get you to drink it, then friend DO IT! Want to know a great secret that I do to get my intake in? I use Jordan’s Skinny Syrups and get the flavors of peach or raspberry and add these to my water to flavor them. At $3.99 a bottle it’s so much cheaper than buying the MIO and water packets! If I use them for teas, and coffee, then why can’t I use them for water!

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post! I am so happy that YOU have decided to become a part of the Healthi family and community! Like I say at all of our live meetings, head on over to the website and look at all of your coaches and ambassadors. Get to following them on social media and get the answers you need!

Have a great day and always remember, one BITE at a time you will succeed in your weight-loss journey.