Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Saturday, May 1, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hola amigos!! Feliz Sábado! And happy May First!

As we’re only a few short days away from the Cinco de Mayo holiday, we wanted to round up a few fun ways to celebrate! Of course we recommend some low BITE queso and maybe a “ranch water” (aka a skinny margarita!). But, we wanted to also serve some creative inspiration for a few ways to honor and respect this day in more ways than just in the kitchen! By the way- have you seen all of the fabulous Tex-Mex style food we’ve shared on Instagram lately?? 

Host a Low Calorie Fiesta! 

In case you missed it, we wrote a whole gathering’s worth of fun, low-calorie fiesta foods! Click HERE, to read more about those recipes specifically! The main things you need to know? These foods are yummy, taste test approved, and they won’t break your BITE bank!

Support a Mexican Influenced Company! 

At Healthi we’re all about putting our money where our mouth is! A momentous occasion like this, is NO exception. If you feel like supporting our friends in Mexico and all that their culture encompasses, consider supporting and empowering them through your commerce! Here are just A FEW that we like to support! However, we’re excited to learn about more! Comment your favorite Mexican-influenced company below and we’d love to add them to this list! 

Siete Foods

Mi Golondrina

Sunshine Tienda 

Chau Luna

Learn More About the Day! 

Did you know that Cinco De Mayo isn’t actually Mexican Independence Day? Yep! We learned that recently too! One of the best ways to honor a people group and a culture is to take the time to learn more about them! We’re pledging to intentionally read and appreciate more about the history and the significance of this day, this year! We’d love for you to do that same thing with us! Here are just a few of the sources that we’re learning from! 

The History Network


Good Housekeeping

We hope that you get to indulge in at least one of these fun and festive ideas, this coming Wednesday! Let us know what you plan on doing May 5th, down below in the comments! By the way, we may or may not have a HUGE surprise planned for that day! Stay tuned!