Celebrating Father’s Day!

Friday, Jun 18, 2021 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Happy Father’s Day Weekend Everybody!

It’s almost the third Sunday of June so you know what that means. It’s the day to make sure dads everywhere know how appreciated and loved they really are! Whether you’re celebrating your father, grandfather, spouse, brother, or other role model this Father’s Day, this weekend should be about bringing these figures in our life close to the people they love. 

Aside from getting the perfect gift or writing a sweet message to our dads, let’s talk about some creative ways to show them how much we care! Whether it means indulging in their favorite meal together, taking some time to do some of his favorite activities, or thinking of something new for him to enjoy…you’ll know what they love best.

If you’re spending this Father’s Day relaxing at home, here are some quick, easy and healthy-ish recipes we can share with our special dudes.

Homemade Waffles

BLT Benedict

BBQ Chicken

Pork Chop Mole

BBQ Shrimp

Other meaningful ways to celebrate our guys:

Go outside!

It’s June, so for most of us- it’s the perfect time to get outside. Take a walk around a trail in your area, or take a little trip out to a good fishing spot or hiking area. It can be as easy going or adventurous as you’re feeling!

Curate a playlist or movie list!

Think of the things that remind you of this person- is it the songs they always play? Or the movies they always quote? Make a special playlist for them to listen to, or plan a movie marathon. It’s always special to show our loved ones that we know and appreciate the things they love!

Whoever you’re celebrating this weekend, and however you choose to celebrate, remember to thank these dad’s for all they do for us- not just on Father’s Day, but everyday!