Celebrating Mother’s Day

Saturday, May 8, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi friends! Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Through a recent survey, we’ve discovered that the vast majority of our member base is female. Additionally, about 50% of our users are mothers! Fortunately for everyone else though, we want this post to serve as a resource for celebrating mothers! Not just talking about motherhood! Mother’s Day is such a special day. It’s a time to intentionally celebrate and honor the female figures in our lives that do so much for us. We want to honor those sweet ladies, in addition to giving you all some helpful hints in how to celebrate them well!

Simple Ways to Celebrate our Leading Ladies:

A hand-written, thoughtful, well planned note

It’s no secret that moms typically adore anything made with love and thoughtfulness. If you take this route, may we suggest putting some real time and intention into your writing. Don’t worry about picking the “right card”. Instead, opt for a nice full sheet of paper and let your own feelings do the talking!

Flowers to fill the house

Fresh flowers are a pretty universal love, especially of moms! We recommend skipping the expensive arrangement from your florist, and opting for several bunches from the grocery store! Let mom do the arranging! The 10-20 minutes that she gets to create something for her home, provided by family, will feel extra special. Not to mention that moms typically have a certain way they like things in the house! Take notes of her favorite types of flowers, and stock up when you run to the market this weekend!

Stock the fridge!

While you are at the grocery store this weekend, go ahead and get the grocery shopping done for the week! We think just about anyone would appreciate this- most certainly the busy mom! Whether she works full time, or dedicates her days to home-keeping, this simple task is sure to impress. Do your due diligence and make the exact list that she would. That way, this sweet and thoughtful chore doesn’t become counterproductive.

Speaking of food, Mother’s Day wouldn’t feel quite complete without a proper Brunch! We’ve gathered a few of our community-favorite recipes that your special lady is sure to love. Prepare these ahead of time so your lady of the hour can enjoy a breezy, seamless Sunday morning. Extra brownie points if you beat her to the dishes too! We think any of these would be yummy and significant, but feel free to mix and match to craft the perfect spread!

Brunch Ideas:

We hope that mothers, of all kinds, get to enjoy this special day! We hope you feel seen and loved and so SO appreciated! We’re all grateful for the mommas in our lives. Comment below how you and your loved ones plan to spend this special day!

Happy Tracking!