Chef Allie’s Caramelized Banana Split

Wednesday, Jul 19, 2023 | Coaches, Meals

Chef Allie’s Caramelized Banana Split

I loved banana splits and there are so many ways to jazz this up. Here is mine!

Raspberry Pretzel Salad

Serves 1


1Medium Banana
1 TbspWalden Farms Strawberry Syrup
1 TbspWalden Farms Chocolate Syrup
1 TbspGreat Value Peanut Butter Powder
1/2 tsp – 1 tspWater (to mix with pb powder)
1-1/2 TbspAlmond Slivers
2 TbspFat Free Reddi Whip


  • Mix the peanut butter powder with the water until peanut butter drizzle consistency. Set aside.
  • Slice the banana in half (lengthwise).
  • Place the banana in a nonstick pan open side down and cook until golden brown & caramelized.
  • Once done garnish.
  • Add the strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup and peanut butter.
  • Add the almonds and fresh raspberries (if desired).
  • Garnish with fat free Reddi whip.

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