Coach Cody Welcome Note

Monday, May 11, 2020 | App Help, Featured, Uncategorized

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to finally meet you all. I am humbled and grateful to be your fitness coach, and for you to allow me to be a part of your weight loss journey. I am here to provide you with workouts that you can do at home or outside as well as weekly fitness tips.

I will be taking over the Fitness Newbies Group in the Community and will be posting workout and instructional videos to the group.

Each week I’ll post two videos:
  1/ 5 Exercise Workout Routine
  2/ My Personal Tips for Staying Active & Healthy

This content will also be published on the Healthi Blog and across the Healthi social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

I also want to mention that I will be active in the Fitness Newbies Group to answer any questions you may have so please do reach out and say hi.

This is a journey that we get to take together and I am here every step of the way. So at any point you need to ask questions, or reach out to me I am here to be a resource for you during this time. And again, I am grateful and I look forward to this journey with you.

~ Coach Cody


My Bio

As the founder and creator of HEAT, I bring a unique and distinct training program by incorporating dynamic fitness training, while also promoting psychological wellness. I currently hold an NASM personal trainer certification and master’s degree in counseling, which provides valuable experience that is unique to the world of fitness.

I’ve worked with individuals from all fitness levels and backgrounds and have been training & coaching for over a decade. Yet, it was not until completing my masters in counseling at Texas State that I realized a degree in counseling is the essential piece to being a great trainer. For me, it is evident that the mind-body connection is crucial in the training process. While movement, exercise and healthy eating lead to physical progression, the core of making a lifestyle change comes when one recognizes the reasons behind denying a healthy body. Whether dealing with issues of anxiety, depression, or self-esteem, it is my job to be both a teacher and motivator for my staff and clients to help them make the fundamental mind-body-spirit connection that lasts a lifetime.

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