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Booty + Legs

1/ Squat Side Kick:

– With your feet underneath your hips, preform a regular squat. When you are about 80% of the way back into a standing position, side kick as high as you can.

2/ Sumo Squat:

– Feet will be in a wide stance with toes and knees pointing out. Adjust your position according to your flexibility. Squat low using your inner thighs.

3/ Elevator Squat: 

– Just like a regular squat, but gradual pulses down and up. Start small and work your way to a full squat. Attempt 5 reps before completing the full length of a regular squat.

4/ Bridges: 

– Lay flat on your back, with heels planted to the floor, raise your glutes up off the ground. Lift as high as you can to activate your glutes, but not to the point where your feel your lower back straining.

5/ 1 Legged Donkey Kicks: 

– In tabletop position, plant your palms and feet on the ground. With one leg at a time, kick behind you throw the heel, making a straight line with your leg.


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