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Band Work

1/ Squat

Bring the band under your feet with proper squat stance (feet under hips). Take the handle part of the band up to shoulder height. Squat, bring your butt back, keeping your torso uprights and in a straight position.


2/ Side Butt Walks

Keep your feet in the same squat stance and tension on the band. Take repeated steps side to side. You will feel this in your side of your glutes.


3/ Back Row

Anchor the band to a sturdy object or pole. Hinge at the hips, bend forward, keeping the back flat but bent over, and pull the band up to your side hips. 


4/ Triceps Kick Back

Anchor the band to a sturdy object or pole. Keep the same hinge in the hips as above, lock your elbows to the side. And “kick back” with your triceps. Do not let the shoulders or elbows move from position.


5/ Core Rotation

Great standing core exercises. Anchor your band to a height that is level with your hips or torso. Pull the tension from the band, arms stay straight. Pivot away from the anchor point with a 1-2 second count. You will make a 180 motion as you rotate.


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