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1/ March in Place / Core Crunch

While marching in place, bring your hands behind your head, prisoner style, and lift the knee while driving the opposite elbow in the direction of the knee. Alternate sides. Activate your core as your knee and elbow come towards each other. Keep a steady tempo.


2/ Quarter Squat Kick

Squat only 25% and performing a side or back toe tap. Combine them together for what looks like the ultimate jazz dance move.


3/ Alternative Jumping Jack

Think of this as a jumping jack in slow motion without jumping (unless you want too). Kick to the front as you lift your hands overhead. 


4/ Shadow Box

The most simple, but also most effective full body low impact cardio exercise. Bring your fists under your chin and alternate punches to an imaginary point that’s directly in front of you. Extend through your lat’s and rotate your core as you jab. You will use your entire body to jab, not just your arms..


5/ Drop Squat Reach

Feet should be in squat stance, reach your finger tips to the floor directly in the center point between your feet. Alternate sides. When you reach to the floor, be sure to use your legs to squat and position yourself lower, rather than bending through the lower back.


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