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Exercises for Pre-Walk / Run

Stretching prior to a walk or run is important to maximize the effectiveness of your muscles as well as to prevent injury. Here are 5 exercises to incorporate prior to your walk or run that will help warm up your muscle!


1/ Pelvic / Shin Stretch

Come down to the floor into yoga child pose. Point your toes behind you and keep your body up right. This will provide a stretch through the shin and pelvic region.


2/ Arch Stretch

Using a semi hard rounded object, roll from the heel, under the arch, to the joints of your toes on the bottom of your foot. I would also recommend this for a post walk/ run cool down stretch.


3/ High Knee Raise

Raise your knees to the height of your pelvic in marching formation. If you’re going for a run, stay on your toes, and go into high knee repetitive motion. Attempt to keep the motion for 30-45 seconds x 3 sets


4/ Butt Kick

Push off with your toe, bringing the back of the heel to the butt. For runners, kick quickly to maximize the stretch through the knee joints. Attempt to keep the motion for 30-45 seconds x 3 sets


5/ Duck / Penguin Walk

One of the best stretches for your ankles and shins to help with range of motion. Rotate your feet inward like a duck and walk 10-15 steps. Walk back with your toes pointed outwards like a penguin. Repeat the sequence 5 times.

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