Coach Jeri’s Guide to Healthi Holidays

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

Hi Coach Jeri Here! 

I wanted to write a note of encouragement to all of my Healthi friends this holiday season! December is filled with office parties, friends and family get togethers with endless parades of foods/ holiday traditions. Ordinary events that most people don’t have issues with, can be full of stress for those of us that want desperately to stay on track. The holiday season becomes an anxious time, it is the time of giving so why not give yourself the precious gift of positive thinking and hope. Have faith that this Holiday season will not cause you to give up.

Remember one day here or there is not a whole month of not tracking. Start to enjoy the true spirit of the holidays, spending time with the people in our life we enjoy being with. 

The first step is to be proactive. Find out what is being served at the office parties. If it is at a restaurant look at the menu ahead of time or get involved with the planning. If it is a family dinner ask what you can bring or what is being served. Pick the treats you really love that is only offered at this time of year. Having just a small serving can make you feel that you are not being deprived (and then track it!!). Studies have shown that tracking a meal, even if it is a not program friendly meal, will keep most members from going off completely. 

Another small piece of advice is to add ice cubes to your drink. This of course waters down the sugar and keeps the drink alive for linger so that you keep the intake low. 

Be flexible and practice moderation. Many families spend endless hours around the table, get up help clear the plates, ask if anyone would like to go for a walk with you. 

The sooner you realize you can have your holidays without stress and guilt, the sooner you will realize that this is a life plan and enjoy what is going on around you, and who is with you. Take some time to research your families recipes and see if they can be lightened up and still enjoyed. 

Years ago I found my grandmothers recipe box. Most recipes used Crisco fat. I did some experimenting to see if I could make them with a more ” program friendly” substitute. Using the recipe builder I was able to figure out what this food would cost me with a few changes of ingredients. By having a plan and making a few simple changes the holiday season can be filled with happiness, joy and hope and not filled with stress and guilt. 

That positive image you have for growth will keep you centered and allow you to stay on program through the holiday season and have a healthy vision of the years to come. Happy Holidays and keep tracking!!!