Friday, Jun 11, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Happy Friday!

We have a SUPER fun new series that we’re introducing to the Healthi Community, today! SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW PERSONAL TRAINER! Coach Kim proudly resides in Austin, TX where she coaches full body boot camp style workouts at Heat Bootcamp Gym. No need to travel down south, or even out of your house for that matter, to turn it up with Kim! She’s officially partnering with us to bring YOU at home, full body workouts WEEKLY! Yes, weekly!  Click the video below to watch, sweat, burn, like, and subscribe to our first video drop! Every week we’ll be dropping a new at home workout on our YouTube channel, then we’ll republish the videos and their written descriptions here on the Healthi blog!

In this first video, join Coach Kim as she gives us this powerful at home mobility workout! You will find 5 easy to learn movements that will get your body moving! Use this as a standalone workout, or even as a quick warmup! All YOU need to do is hit PLAY!

Take it away, Kim! 

This workout is designed to be 30 seconds of work with 0-10 second rests in between exercises for 3 rounds, and it can be used as a warmup for 2-3 rounds. Please remember that quality form is more important than quantity of reps.

Cat Cow:

Start in tabletop position on your hands and knees. Be sure to align your hands straight down below your shoulders and your knees straight down below your hips with a nice, flat back (like a tabletop). Inhale and tilt your pelvis back and forehead up for the cow pose. Exhale and tuck your tailbone for the cat pose (think of a “Halloween Cat” while pushing the floor away from you.

Arm Circles:

Shift up to standing, and bring arms out to your sides and parallel to the floor. Start rotating your arms making small circles forward, gradually bringing the circles out bigger until you are making the biggest circles that your shoulders will allow. At the 15 second mark, you will return to small circles but in the opposite direction and repeat the same.

Heel Sweeps:

Stand up straight. Shift your weight into one foot and straighten the other leg out in front of you, planting that heel with your toes raised. Hinge at your hips while bringing your arms back (like you are a superhero about to take off from one leg). In a sweeping motion, push your hips forward to stand while bringing your arms up overhead. Alternate legs.

Hurdle Steps:

Stand up straight. Shift your weight to one leg. Pretend like there is a hurdle next to you that is just below hip height. Raise your knee and step over the imaginary hurdle, tap the ground with your foot, and raise your knee and bring your foot back over the imaginary hurdle. Alternate legs.

Bodyweight Squats:

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your feet turned slightly outward (try 12:05 on a clock for your right foot and 11:55 on a clock for your left to start). Bend your knees and push your hips back to lower yourself into an “invisible chair”. Push yourself back up to standing by pushing the ground away from you through your heels.

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