Coach Lisa’s One Hundred Day Challenge! Part 1

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle

We’re so excited to be partnering with our friend, and head coach for Healthi, Lisa Wood- in her 100 day challenge! As of today, we’re exactly 100 days from Thanksgiving! Therefore, she’s calling it “healthier by Halloween and thinner by Thanksgiving” ! We love that! Read below to learn all the details of this fun- almost fall- challenge! Let’s enjoy all of the festive elements of fall without guilt and doubt! By starting this challenge now, we’re setting the precedent for the control and discipline that we want to maintain consistently through the Autumn season!

Take it away, Lisa!

Summer is starting to wind down and we are headed into a time of year a lot of people struggle with.  Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas stress and New Years celebrations can mean months of being off track for some people.  So I put together some Challenges for anyone who is looking for a little motivation to stay focused over the holidays. Each week I will give you a different challenge to complete in addition to your personal goals.

I have seen a lot of enthusiasm for this challenge and I can’t wait to get to know everyone!We have people from many different places, using all of our plans, at all different stages of wellness and weight loss, all with different goals both for this challenge and in general. That is part of what makes this so incredible.The rules for the challenge are quite simple. You do you. Participate as much as you want publicly or just keep things to yourself. Set goals, be active here, talk about what’s working or not, your struggles that need our support and your triumphs you want to shout from the rooftops. We want to share it all.

Each week I will give you a different challenge to complete in addition to your personal goals. These challenges will be posted, both, in my Facebook groups (click HERE to join), and on the Healthi Instagram (click HERE to follow)

Here on the Healthi blog, we’ll be posting the challenges in detail for each month, on the first Tuesday of each month! Below, you’ll find the general outline and themes for the next 100 days! As well as the specifics for the next three weeks of challenges for August! But don’t worry, we’ll still post them weekly on Instagram and Facebook!


ME – 08/17 – Make a Plan / Evaluate Your Situation

B – 08/24 – Body Measurements
Y – 08/31 – Year End Habit Commitment

T – 09/07 – Tried & True Recipe Lighten Up
H – 09/14 – Healthy Kitchen Organize
A – 09/21 – Anthem
N – 09/28 – New Food/Recipe
K – 10/05 – Kick It Up
S – 10/12 – Self Care
G – 10/19 – Goals & Rewards
I – 10/26 – Inspiration
V – 10/31 – Vision Board or Veggie Bingo (🎃Extra Halloween Goal!! – can be a certain weight, certain % lost, certain habit created or milestone reached)
I – 11/02 – Inspiration
N – 11/9 – Needs Met Donation Drop
G – 11/16 – Gratitude Garden

⭐️11/23 – Talk Turkey to Me (🦃 Thanksgiving Goal – can be a certain weight, certain % lost, certain habit created or milestone reached)

Here are the details on the next three weeks of challenges:

8/17 Make a Plan – Choose a plan to commit to for 100 days and if you want, a health goal.  This could be a certain number of lbs lost, inches lost, a body fat % change, a change in fitness, fitting into a particular piece of clothing, changing certain aspects of your eating, getting a certain amount of sleep, water or exercise. Look at where you are right now, what the end of the year looks like for you, what obstacles you might face and where you need to have a plan in place.

8/24 Body Measurements – The scale is not your only source of information for how you are doing. Get a body measurement baseline or if you want to – just take a piece of ribbon/yarn, measure your waist (or chest or hips or whatever you want), cut it to that length and compare at the end of the challenge.

8/31 Year End Habit Commitment – Decide on 1 habit you either want to develop and build on or get rid of by the end of the year. Declare the Habit and what you are going to do to focus on it this week.

If you’re unsure of what to commit to for the next 100 days, consider things that are equal parts challenging and realistic! Peruse Lisa’s Facebook groups for inspiration! There are tons of good ideas there! Sticking to one consistent weight loss plan for these 100 days will also drive your success. That constant variable will be a perfect base line and tone setter for this challenge. If you’re unsure of which weight loss plan to settle on, consider reading our clinical guides, below! Click on the names to open each plans’ specific guide.

We hope that this challenge spikes some interest in you! We know that the fall can be a really hard time to stay on track while enjoying all that the season has to offer! Just remember to stay consistent and give yourself grace! You can do this! Comment below if you’re joining us in “healthier by Halloween and thinner by Thanksgiving”!

Happy Tracking!