Community Matters: Celebrating Juneteenth with Whitney Grigsby

Saturday, Jun 19, 2021 | Lifestyle

As of Friday June 18th, 2021 Juneteenth is officially a Federal Holiday in the United States. This is a huge milestone for our country and the BPOC community! Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Although our country has been free from slavery for over 150 years, it goes without mentioning that the weight of this occasion weighs heavy on all. Today we celebrate education, achievement, and empowerment for our Black community. On this day, in this tiny corner of the internet, we plan on doing just that.

As a company rooted in connection and camaraderie, our community is everything to us. The people that choose to use Healthi day in and day out aren’t just our “customers”. They’re our why. In every decision we make we consider the empowerment and the encouragement of our community. We would be remiss if we didn’t take time to acknowledge and celebrate the members of our community that are also members of the Black and People of Color community. Today we’re spotlighting just one of those members, but her outlook speaks volumes of both her personal community and her weight loss community. Her story is significant in every sense of the word. We think it’s worth sharing and celebrating, because at Healthi community matters!

Welcome to the scene, our friend, and Healthi Brand Ambassador: Whitney Grigsby!

Whitney, what first comes to mind when you hear the term “community”? 

W: My family and my church family. They have always given me a strong sense of community.

Can you describe a moment that made you feel proud of your community? 

W: Over 2020, so many tragic events happened in the Black community. The way our community, and others with us, came together to peacefully protest, pray and demand change was amazing!

Tell us about some causes that you are constantly and consistently advocating for and celebrating.

Black Lives Matter, The LGTBQ+ Community, Disabled Veterans, Domestic violence prevention, and I will always celebrate and advocate for single mothers, because I was a single mother for 16 years.

How do you show up for your Black-American friends, family and community- and how do they show up for you?

I think the most important thing you can do for friends and family is to show that you care! I do that for my friends and family and they do the same for me. We text and call, pray for one another and check on each other’s children and spouses. When we need each other, we are there.

What does Juneteenth mean to you and your family?

I did not grow up celebrating Juneteenth, but as I have gotten older I have taken the time to educate myself and my family. To my family and other Black families it means freedom. I hope and pray one day we will also have acceptance and equality.

How has the Healthi community made a difference in your health journey?

The community has given me so much encouragement! No one feels motivated every day, so on days that I may feel like giving up I see a quote someone has posted or see a message someone has sent me that lifts me up and pushes me to keep going.

Give us a snapshot into your ordinary life that brings you true joy?

Sitting around the pool with my husband and kids, laughing and enjoying our time together. My family brings me more joy than anything else.

Who or what inspires you?

My parents. They adopted me in their very early twenties. A white couple in Arkansas adopting a bi racial child in 1979 was unheard of and the legal system here did not make it easy for them. It was a kinship adoption, and they fought to have me as their daughter. They instilled in me a strong love for family and a strong work ethic. They gave me an amazing life. They have never once let me down, they always show up and support me and are AMAZING grandparents.

What accomplishment, moment or thing are you most proud of?

Hands down my son, Cortlen. I raised him for 16 years as a single mother. He has never given me a moments problem. He graduated high school, served his country in the Air Force and is now a full time college student.

Whitney’s MVPs (most valuable photos)

We know you’re allll about the peloton. What’s your favorite style of ride/ instructor?

My Peloton was the best purchase I have made for myself in a long time! Cody Rigsby is my absolute favorite!! He was the reason I wanted the bike. His rides will make you laugh, dance and sing. You will almost forget you are working out until that resistance goes up!

How have you prioritized your health and wellness this year?

One thing I realized in the last year was that it’s ok to make time for yourself. Taking time to work out, prepare my meals, go get a pedicure or just sit alone and read a book makes me a better wife and mother.

If you could pick anything on earth to be zero BITES, no matter what, what would it be?

Mexican food!!!! My absolute favorite!


We were so thrilled and honored to spend some intentional time with Whitney. She’s a true inspiration to all of us! If you’re looking for ways to connect with Whitney, you can comment below on this blog post, or follow her on Instagram HERE. Lastly, we thought it would be fun to create and share a simple, three day meal plan comprised of some of Whitney’s go-to low BITE meals. Save the meal plan cards below, or click the link HERE (and on each page) to directly follow, or track her meal plan on the Healthi app!


happy tracking and HAPPY JUNETEENTH!