Date Night Ideas that Keep You on Track

Saturday, Sep 4, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all!! Brianna (@divaandthedivine) here!

Date nights are a special and scared part of relationships, but it can often be a point of stress for those of us on a weight loss journey because we think we can’t have date night and stay on track at the same time. I’m here to tell you that is a myth. My husband and I have date night every single week and have for years, and many of those dates end with me being on track with my eating plan.

First, we need to stop assuming that date night automatically means going out to eat at a restaurant and totally blowing our calories/bites for the day. Yes, this is an option, but it isn’t the ONLY option. Here are a few date night ideas to help keep you on track and dating at the same time.

1. Cook together

Buy ingredients for a nice, but nutritious and “on plan” meal and get in the kitchen together. Make it a fun bonding experience and at the end of the cooking you get to be confident in knowing exactly what you put in your body.

2. Get out and active

As I mentioned, date night doesn’t have to mean food. There are plenty of options that can have you out and about, getting activity, and not eating. Mini golfing, hiking, exploring the shops around your area, or finding a walking path that runs through a pretty park are great ways to get active together.

3. At-home movie night

With all of the streaming services available to us, we no longer need to go to a theater to have a movie night experience. Turn on your streaming service of choice, grab a blanket, and curl up on the couch. With a little planning you can easily have your own, calorie/Bites friendly movie snacks on hand. Fruit, air popped popcorn that isn’t drenched in artificial, oils and salt, or whatever your movie-watching heart desires.

4. Craft date night

There are plenty of fun places like “Board and Brush,” paint your own ceramics, or wine and paint shops around that will let you get your hands dirty and get creative with no food necessary. Getting creative together is a great way to get closer.

5. Yes, you can always go out

Personally, ordering out is one of my favorite date options because it gives me a break from cooking the rest of the week. Going out doesn’t necessarily mean going of plan, as there are plenty of ways to stay on track while eating out. Check out my video HERE where I discuss that very topic.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that date night isn’t about food, calories, Bites, or being “on track.” Date night is about spending quality time with your special someone. Make sure the night is about getting to know each other and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle for awhile. As long as you do that, consider date night a success.