Embrace a Healthy Summer

Tuesday, Jul 2, 2024 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

Hey everyone, Coach Delicia here! Summer is officially here, and I’m so excited! As someone who loves to hike and explore Colorado, I’m always looking for new places to enjoy. But summer isn’t all about structured exercise – there’s something truly refreshing about taking advantage of the warmer weather and soaking up the sunshine. Now is the perfect time to embrace a healthy summer!


Take Advantage of Fresh Produce

I frequent several local farmers’ markets (lucky for me, I have 3-4 in my area), and my favorite finds are always the unique, handcrafted goodies – jams, salsas (although nothing beats New Mexico green chile), baked goods, you name it. But what I love most are the fresh fruits and veggies. This summer, I’m especially excited for Palisade peach season, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some fresh corn and crisp lettuce for salads.


Mental Health

While summer is a time for fun and relaxation, it’s important to carry over those healthy habits we cultivate throughout the year. That includes prioritizing mental health! I find that starting my day with a quiet hour really sets the tone. I wake up early and give myself some space to read my Bible, pray, and dive into a good book. Listening to something positive as I get ready for the day also helps me approach everything with a good mindset. At night, I unwind with a relaxing skincare routine and try my best to stay off my phone for a while before bed. I notice that my sleep quality is so much better on the nights I leave my phone alone!


Stay Active This Summer

With summer being the peak vacation season, it’s important to try to stay active during vacation. My last “real” vacation was in 2017 – my honeymoon in Honolulu! My husband and I are both big fans of staying active, so we hiked Diamond Head Crater, saw waterfalls at Manoa Falls, and explored Waikiki on foot. It was a fantastic way to experience the beauty of Hawaii while getting some exercise at the same time. I’m going on a cruise in December, and I’m planning on doing the same kinds of activities! I learned that on board, there are different fitness classes, like dance, cycling, HIIT, and even a bungee class that I’m looking forward to! There are so many ways you can choose to be active- so why not have fun with it?!

Summer is a wonderful time to refresh your wellness routine. By staying hydrated, enjoying outdoor activities, taking advantage of seasonal produce, and taking care of your mental and physical health, you can make the most of this summer! Let’s do it together!