Exercise Trends of 2021

Saturday, Jan 30, 2021 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Happy Saturday Friends! 

We have been so inspired by all of your social media tags, comments, and mentions of you guys MOVING! You all are gettin’ with it! In honor of all your impressive workout routines, we’re sharing five popular exercise trends that we’ve noticed so far this year. In hopes of inspiring you to freshen up your routine and get yourself moving and grooving! 

Mile a Day Challenges

One of the most popular 2021 activities that we’ve seen so far is the #mileadaychallenge. Even celebrities, such as queen Reese Witherspoon, are embarking on this fun activity. The idea is to challenge yourself to walk or run at least one mile a day! How awesome, right? If you haven’t heard the incredible success story of our friend Stacey, then you MUST! Click here to read about her incredible mile a day journey!

Outdoor Workout Classes

As we attempt to find some sort of normalcy in this weird and unprecedented time, popular gyms and exercise classes are going to the roof! No really! Companies such as Barry’s bootcamp, SoulCycle, and OrangeTheory Fitness are conducting their classes outside. Isn’t that cool?? Finding creative solutions to difficult situations is always so exciting. 

At Home Yoga

Another popular spin on the current workout climate is at home yoga! There are tons of apps, YouTubers, and even good ole DVD’s that can guide a refreshing and challenging flow. All from the comfort of your own home! This would be a fun thing to do with the whole family, if you’re looking for things to get you moving around together. Or, this could be the exact source or isolation and meditation that you need on your own right now. 

Lots of Spinning! 

It’s no secret that there is currently an at-home cycle craze! And for good reason too! If you’ve never had the opportunity to try an home spin class, we strongly encourage you find a way to give it WHIRL! There are now several awesome options for this low-impact, cardio-based workout system. The most popular bike, of course, being the Peloton. Others include Nordic Track, SoulCycle, and MYX Bikes. This is a great workout for those of us that want to increase our heart rate, without being really hard on our bodies. 

We hope that some of these workout trends can inspire you to branch out and try something new! As always, you should prioritize your personal limits and listen to your body while figuring out your fitness goals and routines. Of course not everything works for everyone! So what else do you all do for exercise? We love hearing from you, with what you’re up to! 

Happy Saturday and happy tracking!