Finding your WHY

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | App Help, Featured, Lifestyle

Finding your “Why”, is quite simply, the number one factor in increasing your motivation and chances of success. Motivation is the reason you change your behavior. Correspondingly, the lack of motivation is the number one reason people go off track.

Your motivation is your “Why”. The real reason you are on this journey. Figuring out your “Why” is what will get you started and keep you going so you can meet all your health goals.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a simple “Why”, such as “to fit into a dress for a wedding”, or “to feel more confident in a swimsuit for vacation”. I’d encourage you to spend the time and go deeper. Many will find the importance to have a more in-depth “Why”. To help you start this process, I’ve outlined a list below. Take your time to think and reflect on these items as they may just keep you motivated in the long run.

: Why do you want to lose weight?
First step is ask yourself this question and then dig a little deeper. What makes completing this goal important to you? Take a moment to write down all your reasons and be specific. Here are some examples for inspiration.

Health Reasons
– Weight loss
– Lower blood pressure
– Lower A1c
– Lower Cholesterol
– Reduce or eliminate medications
– Age gracefully

– Model healthy behavior for family
– Feel more confident
– More energy
– Feel better
– Endurance

– Move easier and get less winded
– Use stairs with ease
– Run or walk a 5k
– Build muscle
– Create an exercise routine

Relationship with Food
– Enjoy healthy options
– Have more control
– Eat to live, not live to eat
– Eat what you love in moderation
– Stop guilt and shame
– Enjoy holidays and celebrations
– Eat out easily
– Stop binging
– Eliminate the term “cheat day or meal”

Perhaps you want to eliminate some medications, move more easily, build muscle, age gracefully, stop binging, and feel more confident.

Identify: was there a specific moment that brought your weight loss journey into focus. Perhaps there was a catalyst event, something that made you realize you wanted to start?

Then ask yourself
– Why are these outcomes important to me?
– How would my life be different if I achieved these goals?
– What are the benefits?

Your “Why” is important to you. Remember it and stay focused on it. You are capable of great things. You are a Success Story.