Get to Know Healthi

Monday, Nov 15, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle

Hi friends!

By now it’s no secret that Healthi has officially rebranded itself into Healthi! To say we’re excited is a drastic understatement! We know that readers and Community members probably have a million questions about this transition. Worry not, we have a whole stack of fun and helpful content coming your way, to clarify all of the burning curiosities! Today, we’re thrilled to pull the curtain back and help you get to know Healthi, as a brand. We just know that you’ll love it!

As we evolve as a brand, we want to remain focused on our members. They’re our heart center! In all of our new projects, we aim to support and encourage the weight loss/wellness journey that our customers are embarking on. Although we are introducing fresh design systems, we’re maintaining the core elements of our brand as we aim to keep our members’ experience at the forefront of our motivation.

The transition in our name and logo is again, user-centered. We believe that our members are aspiring success stories who deserve a name and logo that symbolize it. We believe that a tracked life is an orderly life that leads to a healthy life that leads to a happy life! We believe the health and wellness journey is an individual journey that thrives with the help of others. That of which is emphasized in the last letter of our new name and also manifests itself within our new logo.

We’re aiming to mix both form and function while unifying the entire brand experience that we exude. We are dropping a primary hero color and instead leaning on a thoughtful collection of six colors that additionally serve as symbols of our six thoughtful weight loss plans. We know that this shift will create a more inclusive and pervasive wellness experience.

Our new logo is designed to symbolize “+” signs to indicate tracking and positivity, two mixed hearts to indicate good health, and also a trio of butterflies. Butterflies are known to represent transformation and becoming. Similar to a weight loss journey, a butterfly must metamorphosis alone, but is best known for its strength in swarms or “kaleidoscopes.”


We know that change can be weird and hard. We’re so grateful to have a loyal user base that can help us blossom and grow, as we work to help them do the same thing. If you can believe it, we have a LOT more fun things up our sleeve that we’re so excited to share with you! We’ll always be the consistent tracking app that you know and love. We’ll always stand by our six weight loss plans as constant roadmaps for achieving health and wellness. This rebrand is simply a fresh take on the weight loss ally that millions depend on… after all, we are in the transformation business!

Happy tracking!