Getting Started with Healthi

Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021 | App Help, Featured

Getting Started with Healthi

Hi all!

We’re so happy that you’ve found your way to the official blog for Healthi. On this company blog, you’ll find tons of helpful stories, recipes, inspiration, food tracking hacks, app resources and much much more!

If you’re unfamiliar with Healthi… let us introduce you! We’re a food tracking app (formerly Healthi), turned full lifestyle brand. We recently rebranded to better suit all of the fun new avenues we’re venturing into. Read the full story of our behind rebrand HERE, and get to know our new brand better HERE. In the case that you’re already familiar with that information, we would love to use this post to dig a little bit deeper into our app itself.

At its core, Healthi is a mobile app that keeps track of your daily food and drink intake to help you achieve your weight loss/ maintenance goals. Once you download the app, you’ll create an account and set all of your health preferences. Through a simple quiz, you’re recommended one of our six unique weight loss plans that best suits you. These plans make food tracking super simple! By designating a unique numeric score to foods (aka BITES), members aim to meet or undercut the BITE allotment that is recommended per day. Based on the plan, the BITES will adjust to reward or encourage certain behaviors.

For example: if your quiz answers indicate that you typically struggle with a sweet tooth, you will probably be recommended to the Sugar Smart plan. On Sugar Smart, a Dunkin Donuts chocolate donut is 10 BITES, but a whole serving of Oatmeal is only 5 BITES.

If you’re interested in learning more about our six weight loss plans, click HERE to take our online quiz! If you’d just like to read a bit more about the plans, click HERE to visit our Find Your Plan webpage.

With all of that being said, we do sooooo much more than food tracking. Our app is home to thousands of recipes, and dozens of totally mapped out meal plans. Most importantly, our app is home to the beloved Healthi Community! This is really what sets us apart from the competition. Our community is this incredible mix of inspiration, vulnerability, useful information, connection opportunities and weight loss success stories!

If you don’t quite believe us, we’ll give you a small taste of what the Healthi Community is like, HERE on our Success Stories webpage! Then, head over to our Coaches page HERE, to meet the Healthi Coaches that manage our community!

We know that all of this information probably has you through the roof with health and wellness inspiration! If you’re ready to dive into the Healthi squad, we’ll point you to the app store that suits your mobile phone! The best news of this whole post? Healthi is free!! For absolutely zero dollars, we encourage you to download the app and create your own account. If you’re interested, we do offer a Healthi PRO upgrade. Through this, you’ll have access to participate in that incomparable Healthi Community and create + share your own meal plans. There are also two exclusive weight loss plans that are built into Healthi PRO. Although you definitely don’t need to pay for our upgrade option, it does open a broader array of options for an optimal Healthi experience.

We’re thrilled that you found your way to the Healthi Kaleidoscope. Be sure to tour around our new and improved website. Thanks for visiting!

Stay Healthi! Happy Tracking!