Healthi Love Languages for Valentine’s Day

Monday, Feb 14, 2022 | Coaches, Lifestyle

love languages

Hi friends! Coach Jeri Here!

We all love holidays and special days that bring us closer, but they can make us nervous on how to deal with the treats that are attached to these special days. Every year I tell my husband he doesn’t have to buy me candy and every year he still does. I think he is more afraid I will be angry if he forgets-haha! Valentine’s day does not have to come in chocolate packages to share your love. Since today is, in fact, Valentine’s Day; I thought it would be helpful to share some sweet ways of showing your love and affection to friends and family sans sweets! In fact, we could call these Healthi Love Languages!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for “verbal affirmations”! Instead of giving or accepting sugar treats why not give the people you love the gift of yourself as a happy loving person. Tell someone that you really care about them, that your life is a better place because they are a part of it. Go onto the Healthi Community in the app, and be grateful for all the support you have and share how you can be supportive to the other members. I remember when my kids were little and made cards in school for me. They were more precious than a box of candy (that would only make me feel guilty the next morning).

The best way to get ahead of the situation is to take control of it. When the kids see all the pretty wrapped packages in the store and beg you to buy some, suggest that you make your own all together! It will be a fun activity and you will be in control of the situation. Take a box of sugar free/ fat free chocolate pudding and have the kids dip fruit in it. It will be a fun activity that the kids will remember and you’ll have safe treats in the house. There are tons of lower calorie alternatives that can allow you and your family to still enjoy the day and have fun treats as well. Over the years I have heard many substitutions to lower the calorie/ BITE count. You have everything it takes to accomplish your goals. Just a bit of creativity can go a lonnnnng way.

Valentine’s day is really about love, so give yourself the gift of self love and don’t judge yourself too harshly if you go a bit over your BITE count. These types of holidays become less stressful when you make a change, it lays the foundation for positive progress when the next holiday rolls around. Your journey is about loving yourself and putting yourself first, so you can be a more loving person for all the important people in your life. It really is not difficult when it comes from the heart.

That’s it, people! Get creative, tell people that you love them, and go easy on yourself. These simple practices or “love languages” can totally switch the sentiment of this day, for those of us that have resented it in the past. Giving the gift of love helps us block the negative resentment and fear of a day we view as a day to eat forbidden sweets. Trust me… I’ve been there. Stay positive and true to yourself!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Healthi friends!