Healthi Root Veggie and Chicken Pasta Recipe

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022 | Coaches, Meals

Healthi In The Kitchen Recipe with Chef Hibah

Root Veggie and Chicken Pasta

Root Veggies and Chicken Pasta is another recipe that I came up with while repurposing leftover chicken! I used whatever I had available in the freezer and pantry, and it turned out amazing!

Serves 8 People


0.5 CupsOrganic Balsamic Vinaigrette
6 OuncesChicken Breast
16 OuncesPenne Pasta
2 BowlsRoasted Root Veggies & Cauliflower (by Happi Food)
0.25 CupFruit Nut Mix


  • After chicken is fully cooked, shred with a fork.
  • Cook pasta as directions on package.
  • Cook your two containers of Roasted Root Veggies & Cauliflower by Happy Foods found at Sprouts Grocery.
  • Combine all ingredients.

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