Healthi ‘The BEST’ Pastrami Sandwich Recipe

Wednesday, Sep 21, 2022 | Coaches, Meals

Healthi In The Kitchen Recipe with Chef Hibah

‘The BEST’ Pastrami Sandwich

This version of a Pastrami Sandwich may very well be the best version you’ll have.

Serves 1 People


1 ServingRed Onion
0.25 CupLettuce
1 TbspYellow Mustard
2.5 OzPastrami, Beef
9 PiecesFlamin’ Hot Cheetos
2 SlicesWhole Wheat Bread
2 SlicesAmerican Cheese
1 TbspLight Mayonnaise
1 OzTomato


  • Put the Cheetos in a ziplock bag and crumble
  • Layer all the ingredients on the bread to compile a sandwich

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