Healthi’s Guide to Better Balance

Thursday, Dec 30, 2021 | App Help, Featured, Lifestyle

Hi all! Happiest of Holidays!

We know that this is such a special time to be with family and friends. We also know that this can be a hard time for those of us on a weight loss journey. As another year comes to a close and a new one begins to take shape, we know that a lot of people like to reevaluate their health and wellness. We love that! We thought that it might be helpful if we take a step back, and break down the six weight loss plans that we’re famous for. We’ll walk you through each plan individually and whether or not it might be for you. Then, we direct you to plan-specific resources to help you jumpstart your journey!

It’s probably helpful to explain the general “why” around Healthi and the “what” that we help you do!

It’s a proven fact that tracking your daily intake of food and drink can drastically affect more mindful decisions. This can draw a clear cut path to weight loss! Oftentimes, we simply don’t know or even fully understand, the grave effects that certain foods or beverages have on our body. Healthi has, not only, created a seamless process for searching, logging, and tracking your food choices, but a simple system for goal weight setting and achieving through your tracked intake. One of the secrets lies in our six championed weight loss plans. Each plan differs from the others. Based on your typical behaviors and choices, we can recommend a specific plan for you that will best cater to your nutritional needs. Four out of the six plans operate on a “BITE” system. A BITE is a Healthi app specific food scoring system that we’ve created and maintained. This system takes a lot of different nutritional values into account to simplify the tracking of foods into a distilled numeric value.

Read more about the BITE system HERE.

If you’ve been around Healthi for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of our beloved Better Balance plan. It’s a health and wellness hero! Millions of people have seen weight loss success with Better Balance, and we hope that a proper introduction will lead you to the same!

Better Balance is just as its name suggests- all about balance. Mainly based around portion control and holistic eating; it’s probably the easiest plan to follow. It follows our “BITES” method. Better Balance is all about adjusting your outlook on food to make eating fresh, whole food options delicious and satisfying. This weight loss plan is specifically catered towards those who seek a better relationship with food. Perhaps you tend to gravitate towards fats or overindulge in packaged snacks. Better Balance will help manage these behaviors by introducing a more mindful, and of course, balanced way of eating fresh foods.

Better Balance is also great because it has the most extensive and all inclusive selection of zero BITE foods. This means that there are tons of foods that Better Balance encourages you to eat by not attaching a BITE value to them. For example: you can fill up on veggies while still having a decent amount of daily “BITES” left. For some people this leads to a super successful weight loss endeavor! Because this plan is such a sure fire, weight loss method- it’s available through our Healthi PRO subscription.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Better Balance, we recommend these resources!

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Happy Healthi Holidays!