Tis the season for vacations! How I stay healthy while enjoying fun in the sun

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023 | Activity, Featured, Lifestyle

Summer is prime season for vacations. It’s a time to escape our usual surroundings, jobs, or school and indulge in relaxation, exploration, and recharging. However, straying from healthy eating during vacations can have consequences. Just as we can’t leave our extra pounds at home, we should bring along the tools we’ve learned. It’s crucial to let go of the notion that fun solely revolves around food. Fortunately, summer vacations offer a wealth of outdoor activities and outings that go beyond indulging in culinary delights. If you’re traveling to a destination with a different culture, consider taking a cooking class. I’ve personally done this in Greece and Italy, and it’s a fantastic way to discover new healthy foods and spice up your culinary repertoire. Grant yourself permission to enjoy some treats so that you don’t label your vacation experience as good or bad upon returning home. Here are some tips to savor your vacation without gaining weight:

  1. Since everyone carries their phones, make use of your tracker and food search functions. Track as much as possible, and don’t worry if you exceed your limits. If you need to dip into your weeklies, go ahead—that’s what they’re there for. Those who continue tracking even when going over have shown positive results.
  2. If you decide to try something new, utilize the search feature to find suitable substitutes. The key is to keep tracking.
  3. Embrace the abundance of outdoor activities available during your vacation. Trying new experiences is rarely regretted. I’ve personally jumped off the side of a boat, parasailed, climbed mountains, swam with dolphins, and enjoyed banana boat rides! Rent bikes, go horseback riding—reflecting on these ventures makes the vacation even more special.
  4. While cruises are known for their enticing array of food, these colossal ships also offer ample space for walking and planned excursions. Strike a balance by dedicating time to staying active.
  5. Plan ahead wisely. If you anticipate having a drink with dinner or indulging in dessert, ensure that your breakfast and lunch lean towards healthier options.
  6. Keep an eye on portion sizes. Just because the plate is filled doesn’t mean it must be entirely emptied.
  7. Many hotels provide refrigerators, small kitchens, and microwaves. Take advantage of these amenities and have breakfast in your room to maintain control over one meal. I’ve done this numerous times. We visit a local store, gather a few items, and enjoy breakfast on the terrace of our room. Starting the day off peacefully without rushing sets a clean and positive tone.
  8. Most places have menus available online, which can aid in planning. Don’t hesitate to ask for substitutions or inquire about the ingredients in sauces, taking a proactive approach. Many establishments are more than willing to accommodate your needs.

Remember, the primary goal of your vacation is to create happy and memorable moments. Accept that vacation isn’t a time for perfection, but an opportunity to put into practice the principles of a healthy lifestyle that you’ve learned. Sticking to a well-rounded living plan and savoring everything around you will provide more enjoyment than “taking a total vacation” from your successes and knowledge. It’s a time to progress, not regress. So, fearlessly and joyfully embrace your vacation, thinking positively and exploring all the wonders that surround you.