Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Monday, Dec 14, 2020 | Lifestyle

Hello Friends! Happy Monday!!

Sometimes, you just want a drink. And that is OK!! It takes a little bit of planning whenever you’re keeping track of your calories or BITES. Of course cocktails take up a decent amount of BITES for it just being a liquid. However, a healthy daily allotment and strategic planning, you can save up some BITES and indulge in a yummy cocktail at the end of the day! We’ve picked four crowd favorites from the Healthi recipe archive on the app. All four are delicious, one is Keto friendly, and one is even non-alcoholic!

Now that we are in full-force holiday mode, we wanted to share four Christmas Cocktail recipes that won’t break the BITE bank, but are thoroughly enjoyable and festive! Of course we recommend drinking these concoctions in moderation and responsibility. Again, these will cost you a fraction of your daily allowance, but through smart planning, filling Zero-BITE foods, and a healthy food compliment, it’s possible to enjoy these small indulgences. Enjoy now, or follow us on Pinterest and save for later!


Hope you enjoy these holiday cocktails! It would be a fun idea to host a virtual mixology class and try these with friends from far and wide!! Let us know below which one you’re going to try first! And if you haven’t seen our holiday breakfast recipes, click HERE to read!

Happy Tracking!