How and When to Weigh Yourself

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Coach Jeri here! 

As an Healthi Coach, we’re often asked about the frequency of weigh-ins. Should we weigh-in weekly? Monthly? Should we avoid the scale at all lengths possible? Obviously, it is important to track your weight. Just like we track blood pressure, have blood work or an EKG. The actual number lets us know where we stand health-wise. The confrontation with the scale is not an easy one, but important. I use it to tell my members it only hurts for a second and with that knowledge you can move forward. 

So how often should we get on the scale? 

Once you make a decision on whether it be daily, weekly or monthly you should stick to it

Daily can be tough as our bodies fluctuate on a variety of issues, water retention, pre menstrual, new medication, elimination. One thing for sure, you should not hop on the scale more than once a day. Being compulsive about the scale can be dangerous. There are some diet groups that push a  monthly weigh in, to curb disappointment. Even the slowest weight loser should see a drop if they stayed on program for the most part during the month. It goes without saying that the happy medium would be weekly. 

Should you weigh in on Monday after the weekend? Or on Friday before the weekend? 

Some people feel that they had a consistent week and weigh in on Friday. Then they could ease up on the weekend and they have all week to repair the damage from the weekend. Some people like to weigh in on Monday so they are more mindful on the weekend. 

There are a few logistical things to keep in mind on weigh-in day. Think about your location: home vs. your doctor’s office. Keep your choice of clothing consistent. Don’t forget that the time of day affects what you consume, which will affect the scale number. You may notice a gain after eating certain foods and avoid those foods in the future. This is when patience becomes key to deal with the scale realistically. 

If you only see a half pound down, can you still be proud of yourself for positive traction? Or are you honest enough to realize that maybe you strayed a bit off track (or trackING)?

We all need to prepare ourselves for the day there is a slight gain and not let use deter us from continuing on the journey. One thing I have learned about getting on the scale. If it is right after a holiday, vacation, or a bad weekend I give myself a few days of clean eating before I hop back on. That way, it doesn’t seem as bad (at least for me). No one likes to see a huge gain! For many of us, it is far worse to regain than to have ever lost in the first place. 

The trick is not to give too much power to the scale but use it as one of the tools to give you information on your progress. Coach Lisa wrote a great blog post about weigh-in day. Read that HERE. So just like you have your food schedule and list at the store; create a comfortable weighing plan based on the preferences that make it work for you! 

Happy Tracking!