How to: Add Winter Squash into Your Routine

Monday, Nov 29, 2021 | Coaches, Lifestyle, Meals

winter squash

Hi friends! Coach Jeri here!

No other vegetable ushers in the cooler months quite like Winter Squash. The odd shapes and colors make the arrival of fall a welcome sign of the changing season. A food staple of the fall and winter and seasons; squash can be comforting, delicious and healthy! It is rich in Vitamin A and C, a good source of potassium, full of fiber and antioxidants. There are so many different kinds of squash you can spend the whole season trying another one every week. It can be prepared in so many different ways. From savory soups to roasted, steam, air fried and fried.

Experimenting with new vegetables that you are not familiar with opens up a range of available foods that can help you stay on track. One way to avoid falling into pitfalls is dealing with boredom. By varying up the food introducing new foods or changing up the way we eat certain foods can bring a new enjoyment to sticking to the food plan. For those that are new to the family of squash here are a few enjoyable ways to start incorporating them into your new “healthi” way of life.

Here are just a few of my favorite recipes, starring winter squash!

Heart Caprese Salad Skewers


Marry Me Chicken + Sides


These are just a few basic ways to incorporate the vegetables of the fall season. And you can make it your own by changing apples for pears for a different variation. The joy of discovering new foods and new ways to eat healthy foods helps you to stay on track and not feel deprived. Change is a slow process but as we learn to eat healthier we start to make lifestyle changes that get us off the cycle of back and forth. 

For some of us the change of seasons can be difficult but if we face them with a full armor of new challenges and experiments we can overcome that fear and move forward. Who’s up for a squash challenge!! Share your recipes on the Healthi community so we can all experience the joy of fall vegetables.

Happy Tracking!