How To Deal With Plateau, When The Scale Doesn’t Move

Friday, Mar 3, 2023 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

By Healthi Coach Jeri

Many of us have experience the dreaded Plateau. In the beginning of our weight loss journey we are so focused and excited as the pounds melt off. It is the greatest motivation to keep going and stay on track. Then comes a day when the scale slows down or barely moves. Frustration sets in and motivation quickly wanes.

Before we throw in the towel (which is really not the solution) and let the plateau get the better of us, there are a few things we can do to get that scale moving in the right direction again.

To get you in the right mindset to deal with plateau, examine how far you have come by looking at a picture of yourself before you started your journey. One of my personal favorite actions is to try on a piece of clothing that is now too big and take your measurements. By doing this you will be in a positive mindset to take steps to tackle the plateau.

  1. A plateau is more that a few days or a week. If the scale has not moved in a short time be patient. It could be too much sodium or a medication. So patience is key.
  2. Vary up your foods. Many times I have heard “I am doing the same thing I have always done ” and that may be the problem. Your body changes during weight loss. It requires less in some circumstances and just needs a boast. By changing and varying up your foods it forces you to scan, weigh, measure and track. Many times when we eat the same we get lazy because we already know the value.
  3. It is possible that your body has not caught up with your weight loss. Sometimes a week or two later a you will see a big drop. Again patience is key.
  4. Expectations also need to be adjusted. In the beginning weight seems to drop off quite easily. As the journey continues things will slow, but as long as it is going in the right direction that is all that matters. As I approached goal I would lose 0.4 lbs, 0.6 lbs. But it all adds up.
  5. Try and move a bit more to get your body moving. That is always a great way to get your body burning away those pounds.
  6. Zeros. Although the Zero BITE foods on the Healthi Weight Loss Plans are a great source of eating nutritious foods, they do have calories. Fruit in particular has sugar. When ever my members said they did everything right I would recommend cutting back a bit on the fruit. I had a member that gained weight from eating cool whip. It is no longer a Zero BITE food when you eat the whole tub! Zero BITE foods were meant for better choices. They are not free foods. One great way to stay informed is to use Secondary Metrics, tracking Calories and/or Macros along with your BITES. This is easily done in the Healthi App, just turn on Secondary Metrics in Settings.
  7. Re-examine your why. That is always a great way to stay motivated.
  8. Do not weigh yourself every day. Once a week can show better progress.
  9. If all else fails a trip to the Doctor may be a good idea.

A plateau is just another step along the road to your new healthy life. You will use this as a learning experience in your weight loss journey. It is only a matter of time before the scale will move in the right direction again. For most of us the journey is not straight down hill. There are many bumps in the road. It is how we deal with the bumps that get us to our final destination.