How to: Plan a Picnic

Saturday, Apr 24, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Happy Saturday! 

In the words of Chicago- Saturday, in the park you’d think it was the Fourth of July! Not sure about you all, but we’re LOVING this cool-sunny spring weather! In honor of the mild temperatures and blue skies, we’re hosting a virtual picnic! We wish we could throw a big party and host ALL of our members. So, until then: here are the best tips for hosting a simple yet special outdoor picnic!

Pick a Place 

One of the most crucial elements of a good picnic, is the place that you choose. Here are a few key elements to think about when planning your picnic. 

  • Think about how you’ll be set up/ what you’ll be set up on
  • Consider the weather. Are there any pavilions to serve as a back-up
  • Is there a specific destination you have in mind? For example: a hike that leads to a scenic view. 

We recommend THIS article to help you find a perfect spot near you! 

Pack Your Bags 

We’ve all done it. It pretty much seems inevitable to pack EVERY possible thing you could need for a picnic. BUT- is it? With a little bit of time and attention to detail you can ace the packing test. We recommend THIS article to give some awesome insights on things that you’d probably leave at home otherwise. We specifically LOVE the idea of frozen water bottles! 

Get Creative 

Part (if not all) of the fun in a picnic is the newness factor. It’s out of the ordinary to eat your food outside, on the ground, on a blanket- in a fun place! Add in a few more funky elements and you’ve got yourself and all-out riot! We turned to our friends at Hello Fresh for inspiration. Click HERE to read their fun article on creative picnic ideas! The muffin tin!! How awesome is that?

When in Doubt, Stack it Out

What better food to indulge in on a sunny day than a classic sandwich? The hand-held element, in addition to the sweet nostalgia just makes for a winning combination, in our opinions! Sometimes sandwiches can get a bad rap for being bland or boring. Well- we did the legwork and we think queen Martha has done it again. Click HERE to see our favorite sandwich picks for a yummy (and convenient) handheld lunch! 

We hope this was helpful! Again, we so badly wish we could throw one bit Healthi bash! Complete with healthy snacks, and low BITE desserts. Until that happens, plan yourself a picnic! We want to know if you have any picnic secrets, yourself?? Share them below!