Hydration Can be More Fun than Just Drinking Water

Friday, Sep 30, 2022 | Activity, Lifestyle

Coach Mindy here~
We are going to talk about the significance of hydration. We all naturally think of grabbing a bottle of water when heading out to spend time outdoors. Whether it’s at the beach, outdoor concerts and bbqs, hiking, lounging by the pool – you get the idea. Fun in the sign, bottle of water – check! Yet, it’s just as important to stay well hydrated, all … the … time! It’s crucial to your health, it’s also crucial for your weight loss journey.

Why is hydration so important for weight loss?
Great question!!! Staying hydrated helps suppress your appetite, it boosts your metabolism, and also makes exercise easier and more efficient. All these factors make a big impact on the scale.

Staying hydrated doesn’t mean you have to chug boring water all the time. While clean, pure water is very important for health, you can supplement your hydration in so many fun and tasty ways.

Water rich foods- fruits and vegetables like lettuce, watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries, and celery are very rich in water. In fact, most fruits and vegetables have a high water content so be sure to get in a variety daily.

Iced teas- there are so many different flavors on the market. You can choose between caffeine free, herbal and fruit varieties, or mix and match for a custom blend. Add flavored water, fresh herbs, or some fresh fruit and you have an infinite amount of choices to choose from. You’ll never get bored! Make your own cold brew with your favorite tea bag and just place in cold water. Store in the fridge for a few hours to steep.

Iced coffee- my favorite way to get some hydration!
I love using some homemade cold brew and mixing with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and sugar free caramel syrup. You can experiment with flavored coffees and different flavors of sugar free syrups. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you can use decaf!

Homemade Snow cones, it doesn’t just have to be for the kids!
This is my 2nd favorite. I use my blender to crush some ice and I use sugar free syrups for flavor. It really is a guiltless treat!

Cold Soup- Having some cold, broth based soup before your meals is an excellent way to stay hydrated and it also helps fill you up. You can make your own in your blender using cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and peppers with some chicken or beef broth. Delicious!

All of these are great options to help keep you hydrated and refreshed. Which one is your favorite?