I Found an Exercise That Changed My Life – Aquatic Fitness

Wednesday, Aug 24, 2022 | Activity, Coaches, Lifestyle

Hi, Coach Jeri Here!

On a recent trip to Italy, I jumped off a boat into the water in Capri!! I would never have done that years ago.

So, here is my story of how I found an exercise that worked for me, and how it gave me the confidence and stamina that allowed me to experience something remarkable.

One summer I decided to join the community outdoor pool. I could go for a few hours, read and walk in the water. I noticed it helped with my weight loss, blood glucose levels and most of all stress. At summers end, I then joined an indoor pool so I could keep it up. My husband of little faith was convinced I would not enjoy an indoor pool, but I was in the groove and didn’t want to stop.

I discovered that many people enjoy walking in the water. It is good for mobility and easy on the joints. The pool had designated walking lanes and I made a whole bunch of friends in the process. We walked and talked and I would look at the clock and an hour went by! It is amazing, I was someone who thought of exercise as a necessary evil and avoided it at every opportunity, now I can’t go a few days without getting into the water.

The word exercise is an uncomfortable word to many people battling overweight issues. In our overall attempt to live a better healthier life most will shy away from exercise. For many it can be embarrassing, afraid others are watching, or it can be painful. Muscles and Tendons that haven’t been stretched for years are sore and may discourage even the most dedicated. If you start slow and find a routine you can live with, the benefits will be worth it.

Exercise in any form burns calories, and will help to gain an overall fitness. Your body will retain protein and minerals, increase oxygen, promote digestion and increase stamina. For any plan to be effective, it has to be one that fits your lifestyle and something you can do long term. Millions of people join a gym and start off with a regiment that they find impossible to keep up. Too often, those expensive workout machines become clothes hangers!

First step is start slow. If you are a sedentary person, start by just moving more, a little each day, before you purchase machines or join gyms. Little by little increase your stamina before you make any large purchases. I find wearing a Fitbit or a pedometer is a great way to start increasing your daily routine by challenging yourself to do a little more each day. If you sign up for classes make sure you have that time available so you wont feel guilty if your miss them. The most important step to incorporating exercise is to find something you truly enjoy.

So try and find something you enjoy doing that you can incorporate into your life. As little as a half an hour a day can make a huge difference. When we really don’t enjoy something, we start to find excuses to not continue. The benefits can be life changing, and whatever method of exercise you choose don’t delay, start slow, and you will have a long series of happier and healthier tomorrows.

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