Is Weight Loss Sabotage a Thing?

Monday, Mar 8, 2021 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi all and happy Monday! Coach Jeri here! 

Sometimes we have friends and family that are not completely on board with your progress and commitment to eating nutritiously and losing weight. Maybe they support the idea of it. Maybe they’re even proud of you. But sometimes, they don’t quite support you in the ways that we need. The actual healthy eating part of this journey can typically deter people. Yes, even the people we love. We all have people like that in our lives. 

In the beginning, they are our best cheerleaders but as we get healthier they may deliberately or unconsciously tempt us to overeat or minimize your resolve to stay on plan. It is important to hold your ground and not let your motivation and progress falter. The positive changes that occur (your self worth and positive outlook) may seem threatening to those around us. 

The people closest to overweight people may set out to sabotage our success. Perhaps thinking you are no longer the same person. Sometimes it is not part of any plan to sabotage your new way of eating. They just want their old “food buddy” to return. If you say no to pizza and cake you are not fun anymore. If the people around you are consistently suggesting or bringing home the wrong kind of food, it’s time to have a conversation. Express how serious you really are about staying on track. Most people will respond to a sincere discussion. Especially when the changes are positive ones that will make you a happier and healthier person. 

This may be more difficult if there are other overweight people in the family that are not ready to make the same commitment. Instead of being proud of you, they might be jealous and uncomfortable that they themselves have not made any progress. You cannot worry about the adjustments others have to make because you are changing and continue to feel good about your progress.

It’s okay to say no to a piece of birthday cake that you really don’t like just because people expect you to have it. Take the plate, say thank you and put it on the counter on your way into the other room. Having negative people commenting about your resolve to stay on plan is draining. 

Remember you are fighting for the life you want. So ask yourself when surrounded by saboteurs and negative people, “is my desire to lose weight and get healthy stronger than pleasing people pushing the wrong foods? Will I allow others to sabotage my new lifestyle?”. Hopefully the answers will keep you on the right track of a healthy happy life.