Healthi’ Community Gift Guide 2020

Saturday, Dec 5, 2020 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

We know that everyone’s gift giving may look a little different this year. Perhaps you’re only doing gift cards. Maybe it’s no gifts at all this year? Or maybe you are going full force- more gifts than ever, Buddy the Elf mode. Nevertheless, we thought it would be fun to make a quick list of things that our community members are eying this year! 

Maybe you stumbled here to figure out what to get a friend who loves Healthi, or maybe you’re here to find inspiration for yourself! Either way, this should satisfy!

We sent out a quick Instagram pole on our stories this week, and these were the most popular answers: 

Weekend Getaway 

Several of you said that your family is opting to get out and GO this year. You’re trading your gifts for experiences! We love this! Get out and make those memories, friends!

Workout Clothes

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a few new pieces for your wardrobe, right? We were excited to see that most of you that want some new outfits want workout clothes specifically! If you have someone you want to gift with new workout clothes, we recommend this blog post as a guide for all the new and useful activewear and athleisure!

Home Workout Equipment

In a similar vein, there was a big group of the community that’s asking for home workout equipment. As we all know, working out at home has become more normalized and really more expected this year. As 2021 gets closer by the day, it seems like working out from home isn’t going anywhere! Just like new workout clothes, this is a smart gift because it’s a treat and it’s something new to “ooh and ahh” over- but of course it’s also something that aides in your health and wellness!

Healthi PRO Subscription 

It wouldn’t be an Healthi blog post without mentioning the wonders of PRO! Now is the time to give or to gift this awesome subscription. If you need any more reasons to take the plunge and upgrade, read this blog post! 

What are you getting or gifting this year? We want to keep this list going!! Come back on Monday for the start of our Holiday Recipe Series!! Breakfast is up first!

Happy Tracking!