Healthi: Now connecting with Garmin devices!

Monday, Jul 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

We’ve heard you loud and clear! Tracking your fitness is just as important as tracking your BITES, and the easier we can make it to do both, the better. After all, if you put in all that sweaty work, you want to be able to see it right on your Healthi app, right?!

Healthi users have been asking us how to connect their Garmin devices to their Healthi app, and we’re proud to announce that we now connect with Garmin (on some devices). Now when you’re running, swimming, cycling, or walking with your Garmin tracking device on, you can have it sync up with  Healthi


How can you do it? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and are using the Garmin app, Garmin Connect.
  2. Sync your Garmin Connect with Apple Healthkit. (see detailed instructions here)
  3. Sync your Healthi app to Apple Healthkit. (see detailed instructions here)
  4. Get active!

Why would you want to sync up your Garmin to Healthi?

Because your physical activity can make a difference in how many BITES you can eat from day to day! Healthi can automatically deduct from your activity balance when you go over your daily allowance. You can set the app to deduct from activity first or weekly first in Settings > Preferences.


Here are all the Garmin devices that you can use Garmin Connect with:

fēnix® 3 HR

fēnix® 3 Sapphire

Approach® S40

Approach® S40 and CT10 Bundle

D2™ Bravo

D2™ Charlie

D2™ Delta

D2™ Delta PX

D2™ Delta S

Descent™ Mk1

Edge® 1000

Edge® 1030

Edge® 130

Edge® 130

Edge® 20

Edge® 25

Edge® 510

Edge® 520

Edge® 520 Plus

Edge® 520 Plus

Edge® 530

Edge® 530 Mountain Bike Bundle

Edge® 810

Edge® 820

Edge® 830

Edge® 830 Mountain Bike Bundle

Edge® Explore

Edge® Explore 1000

Edge® Explore 820

fēnix® 3

fēnix® 5

fēnix® 5 Plus

fēnix® 5S

fēnix® 5S Plus

fēnix® 5X

fēnix® 5X Plus

Forerunner® 220

Forerunner® 225

Forerunner® 230

Forerunner® 235

Forerunner® 245

Forerunner® 245 Music

Forerunner® 25

Forerunner® 35

Forerunner® 45

Forerunner® 45S

Forerunner® 620

Forerunner® 630

Forerunner® 645

Forerunner® 645 Music

Forerunner® 735XT

Forerunner® 935

Forerunner® 945

Garmin Index™ Smart Scale



GPSMAP® 66st


MARQ™ Athlete

MARQ™ Aviator

MARQ™ Captain

MARQ™ Driver

MARQ™ Expedition

Oregon® 700

Oregon® 750

Oregon® 750t

Rino® 750

Rino® 755t

tactix® Charlie

Vector™ 3

Vector™ 3S

vívoactive® 3

vívoactive® 3 Music

vívoactive® 3 Music (Verizon)

vívoactive® HR


vívofit® 2

vívofit® 3

vívofit® 4


vívomove® HR

vívosmart® 3

vívosmart® 4

vívosmart® HR

vívosmart® HR+


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